Indianapolis International Airport

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Going to the airport should be a pleasant experience. Fortunately, airports and airlines are beginning to pick up on the fact that flyers wish to do more than fly when they go to an airport, they want the entire experience at the airport to be an integral part of the trip. This may mean finding out a little more about the local culture, dining at fantastic restaurants, or shopping at exclusive shops. The following are a few of the airports that flyers identified as being the best in 2016.

Indianapolis International Airport

Indianapolis International Airport, or IND, has been voted best airport in the U.S. and even in North America according to several travel magazines. The airport offers guests local delights like Shapiro’s Delicatessen and has a distinctly Midwestern feel. While you won’t have to worry about the lines if you are flying private, the security checkpoints at IND were designed with ease in mind.

Salt Lake City International Airport

This airport in Utah’s capital consistently makes top 10 lists and has been identified as the second best airport in the U.S. by Forbes. The Salt Lake City airport boasts incredible views of the surrounding mountains. The airport has a vast array of shopping and food options available and offers conveniences like infant care and shoe shines. The already popular airport will be undergoing major renovations to make it even better soon.

San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco’s airport takes the quality of service to a whole new level. Offering guests a reflection room, several spots for kids to play, yoga rooms, and tons of healthy food options, a visit to SFO is truly a unique experience. This is one airport that you won’t mind showing up early to – even if you are taking a private jet charter and don’t really need to.

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