Working for a company that books private flights for business trips is exciting. Flying private is definitely a step up from flying commercial, so you will avoid many headaches and likely have an incredible experience, even though work is the main goal. One thing that many business people get anxious about when taking their first private flight with a company, however, is the ever-present dilemma of what to wear.

Versatile Slacks

The pants that you select for your travel day should be comfortable enough to sit in for several hours and professional enough to wear right into a meeting with a client or boss. Pants should have stretch and flexibility but form flattering and appropriate. Materials like rayon, spandex, and cotton generally offer the best of both worlds.

A Wrinkle-Resistant Shirt

Making your way to the plane, sitting on the plane, and hustling to your meeting once you reach your destination can take a toll on your shirt. Instead of trying to squeeze in an ironing session when you reach your destination, purchase a wrinkle-resistant shirt that can stand up to the challenge without cramping your style. Make sure to wear the shirt before you wear in on the plane, as some shirts may feel comfortable for a few minutes but become restrictive or itchy when worn for hours.

A Blazer or Jacket

To make it even easier to keep your top in order, bring a blazer or jacket with you. You can shed this top layer during the flight and don it once more when you reach your destination. This will keep you comfortable and look sharp.

Comfortable Shoes

Footwear can be troublesome, as the nicest looking shoes are often the most uncomfortable. This is especially true when high heels come into play. Try to find shoes that compromise and keep you comfortable while still looking professional and matching your outfit well. If you have trouble finding shoes that work well both while you fly and when you land, it may be helpful to carry your office shoes with you and wear your comfortable shoes throughout the flight.

Accessories for the Occasion

Most accessories can be worn throughout the entire flight and right into the meeting without causing discomfort on a private flight. Jewelry, ties or bowties, belts, and other accessories can generally be worn right on the plane. If you would feel more comfortable without these items, however, they can also be easily added to your outfit while you are in flight before you reach your destination. Be sure to pack these items in a carry-on if you decide to add them later.

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