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The Falcon 5X, the first in a series of new generation long-range business jets by French manufacturer Dassault, was finally unveiled to the public last week. 400 people attended the dramatic unveiling of the first completed aircraft at Dassault’s final assembly base in Bordeaux-Merignac, France.

It’s been 40 years since the Falcon family first launched when the Falcon 20 took to the air for the first time and since then, the Falcon range has steadily evolved. Here’s a closer look at what we can be expecting from the highly-anticipated Falcon 5X:

Passenger Comfort & Space

Passenger comfort is the main priority during the development of this latest luxury business jet.

The Falcon 5X comes with the widest cabin in its class, measuring 39 feet long by 7 feet wide. It also has a stand-up cabin, with a ceiling height of 6.5 feet.

Additionally, the Falcon 5X has windows that are 10% larger than those on the Falcon 7X, plus has an industry-first skylight window on the ceiling of the aircraft. This will flood the entrance of the jet with natural light, making the cabin feel more luxurious and spacious. Plus, it will give passengers a unique view of constellations when flying at night!

Increased Performance

But the 5X isn’t only about looks – it also offers impressive flight performance credentials. With the ability to accommodate 16 passengers in total, the 5X has a range of up to 5200nm at a speed of 609 mph while carrying 8 passengers, having the ability to serve typical long range city pairs such as New York to Moscow.

Additionally, the 5X will be equipped with a new ultra-efficient wing, an advanced digital flight control system derived from the Rafale fighter jet, and an innovative Snecma Silvercrest engine which will give the jet 15% more fuel efficiency than any other engine in its class.

The maiden flight of the Falcon 5X is expected later this summer, before certification is completed in the US and Europe.

We’re closely watching the evolution of the 5X and its newer brother, the Falcon 8X, which is currently continuing its testing program.

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