Most Expensive Private Jets

Travelers are provided with a variety of choices when it comes to private jets. The charter market has hundred of models when it comes to private aircraft. The different aircraft come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit the different needs of the customers.


The client tends to prioritize different factors when it comes to choosing a private jet. Some are interested in cost-effectiveness while some focuses on convenience and luxury. Other factors to considers when choosing a private aircraft include speed, luggage space, and flight duration.

How to decide the private aircraft you want

The process of choosing the perfect aircraft that suite your needs can be very complex and technical with many variables with many important decisions to make in the process.

To make things easy, we have provided four popular kinds of aircraft and their specifications in the paragraph below. They are also provided with different examples and prices.

Turboprop Aircraft

These are the most cost-effective aircraft for short journeys. They are also known as Private Propeller or Small Prop. They can move in a non-stop range of 1500 miles with the cruising speed of 300 Knots which makes them a better preference for a short trip. Most of these aircraft also offer a short field landing capability and agility. This also gives them the ability to move in and out of remote airports in a short time.


The following are the top three popular turboprops with their specifications

Aircraft Seats Speed Range
BN2 Islander 8 160 kts 1000 nm
Cessna C208 Caravan 9 171 kts 970 nm
Beechcraft BE300 Super King Air 8 226 kts 1500 nm


Very Light Jets

They are also known as the VLJs. They are faster than the Turboprops and ideal for mid-range journeys for one to four passengers. The Private Jets have a non-stop range of 1700 miles and an average cruising speed of 400 knots. These jets can travel faster and further than the turboprops, and also cost-effective.


The table bellows shows the top 3 VLJs and their specifications

Aircraft Seats Speed Range
Phenom 300 7 450 kts 1960 nm
Learjet 31 7 418 kts 1455 nm
Citation Mustang 4 330 kts 1050 nm


Medium Jets 

Medium Jets are the most popular and cost-effective option in the private jet business. They are mostly used for flights between 2 to 4 hours. They have an average range of 200 miles and an average speed of 430 knots.

Another advantage of the medium jets is that they are comfortable and have larger baggage capacity than the previous jets. Therefore providing the style and flexibility that is needed by the customer. The most popular medium jets are shown below.

Aircraft Seats Speed Range
Hawker 800/800XP 8 400 Knots 2300 nm
Citation XLS 8 420 knots 1850 nm


Long Range Jets

The long-range jet is the perfect ride when it comes to luxury, performance, comfort, and long flights cost-effectiveness. The Jets are also perfect for a client looking for a room during a short flight. The Long-range Jet is able to cruise at a speed of over 450 knots and 5000 miles non-stop range. These jets are able to link continents, fly faster & further, and also with a lot of space and comfort.


The table below shows three important types of long-range aircrafts with their specifications.

Aircraft Seats Speed Range
Falcon 7X 13 480 kts 5950 nm
Global Express XRS/6000 14 511 kts 6055 nm
Gulfstream G650 14 610 kts 7500 nm

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