Helicopters are a very versatile means of transportation, but they are often thought of as a method of transport that is mainly reserved for emergency purposes. This perception is starting to change, however. People are beginning to realize that they can make certain aspects of life better and easier.

Helicopter to an Airport

Once thought of as something reserved for rock stars and the very rich, taking a helicopter to the airport is something that more people from all walks of life are starting to do in busy cities. Heavy traffic in places like New York City can cause long travel times and even missed flights. This travel method can reduce a lengthy drive to a few minutes, while allowing passengers to have a stunning view of the city on the way.

Helicopter for Short Distances

Instead of taking a private jet for short distances, sometimes it may make more sense to take a helicopter. They can take off without a runway, so you may be able to take off from a landing pad that is closer to home and get closer to your destination than with even a private jet. This travel option may also provide opportunities for viewing the countryside during the trip.

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