NHL Playoff 2018

NHL Playoff 2018

NHL Playoff

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Hockey tournament is a game of precision. Calculated moves are thought before being executed. This month signals hockey playoffs. But when do they actually begin? And what teams are fighting for the trophy and honor?

Stanley Cup playoffs is an elimination tournament consist of four rounds, it’s like the best team is being screened and those who passed will face the best team. And like other games, the playoff system or rules change or revised same with the owners and board members.

The game format is consist of four rounds, so the home ice has the most advantage from the fans and supporters that will boost the player’s morale and fill the players the motivation to win the game. The first round of the game, the teams are separated into two brackets, each bracket is consist of three divisional qualifiers, wildcards are also given the chance to play they will face the division winner. The second round has the same format, the winner on this round will advance to the conference finals

It is a tradition that after the playoff series players and coaches line up and exchange handshake to their counterpart. Also, the playoff has altered some rules outlined that only those NHL team players do not include any Stanley Cup Final Series. Over the years conflict had been encountered in 1927 the NHL Champion did not win the Stanley Cup. Then in 1929, the playoff format was altered although it was only slight, during that year the two division winner play or will compete with each other in the semifinals. Then a year later the semi-final round became a best of a series division. That is a lot of changes and revision but all direct to the playoffs. NHL absorb four teams in 1979 and expanding the playoffs once more. And despite the increase of teams joining or league the NHL is firm that it will remain at 16 teams. The playoffs remained steadfast and consistent throughout the period.

This year both teams that are their first time to play for the championship are the Golden Knights, Capitals. Both teams are playing away from home. They both have the elements of dedicating all their hard work as a team to reach playing for the championship, but only the top and the best will win.

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