The 2016 Summer Olympics are currently taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The international event began on August 5th and will run until August 21st. If you wish to see the Olympics and be part of the excitement, a private jet charter can get you there quickly and comfortably at your convenience.

Events by City Area

Different Olympic events will take place in different areas of Rio at specific times. Understanding where and when events will be taking place can help you to plan your trip so that you get the best view of the action. You can get an idea of when each event is taking place by viewing the Olympics’ schedule here.

Olympic events taking place in Deodoro will include basketball, shooting, BMX, rugby, field hockey, equestrian events, mountain biking, and the modern pentathlon. Gymnastics, swimming, diving, badminton, handball, weightlifting, tennis, golf, boxing, and cycling will take place in Barra. Macarana will host archery, volleyball, and soccer. In Copacabana, rowing, triathlon, volleyball, canoeing, and cycling competitions will be held.

Flying Into Rio

At this time, most of the commercial flights into Rio are likely to be booked. A private jet charter can get you and your loved ones there without the hassles of having to take undesirable flight times, sit separately, or deal with any of the headaches that come with commercial airports and flights. You will also be able to fly in closer to the action, taking advantage of smaller airports like the Santos Dumont Airport that is just a few minutes’ drive from some of the games.

Flying into Rio de Janeiro International Airport may be a bit hectic because of the volume of travelers and tourists that the games draw, but the airport has been recently remodeled and has had a brand new FBO put in for private charters. Santos Dumont Airport is smaller and may be more desirable for jet charters, but jets will only be allowed to land at the airport during nighttime hours in order to decrease road traffic. Understanding these things may help you to be best prepared when flying in.

If you can’t wait to get to the Olympics, call 1-888-507-8582 and book your private flight today. Our professionals will be happy to help you with anything that you need to know about the Olympics before you fly.

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