Corporate Charters

When traveling for business, it is essential that you fly in the most efficient, comfortable way possible. On a private jet charter, you can arrive at your destination more quickly without sacrificing valuable productivity on the way.


Why Fly on a Corporate Private Jet Charter?

In the modern era, commercial flights are becoming more expensive, offer fewer amenities, have increasing add-on fees, and are increasingly uncomfortable for the business traveler. A commercial flight is often crowded and full of distractions, such as noisy children, crying infants, and people moving about the cabin. If you are on your way to an important meeting or conference, being able to work, prepare and make important work calls through the plane’s Wi-Fi network while maintaining privacy can be essential. Using a corporate charter jet can offer several benefits for the frequent business traveler.


Time Is Money: Flying Private for Business Is Faster

Using a corporate jet charter provides businesses with the ability to maximize the time corporate travelers can focus on work by:

  • eliminating cancellations and delays
  • reducing airport wait times
  • providing direct flights
  • ensuring a private, quiet environment to work while in flight
  • reducing flight time

Corporate Charters Eliminate Flight Delays and Cancellations

In 2022, approximately 23% of all US commercial flights were either canceled or delayed. Although travelers may find a solution for arriving at their destination in spite of these setbacks, the time spent waiting in airports, rescheduling flights, or identifying other solutions is precious. Each moment spent on these tasks takes time away from your ability to be productive for your job or to be home relaxing after a work trip to maintain an essential work-life balance.

Delayed and canceled flights increase business expenses, negatively impact business events when travelers cannot attend meetings and conferences, and adversely impact the business traveler’s social and emotional well-being, leading to burn-out and job turnover for the corporation. Ultimately, canceled and delayed flights cost a business money.

Flying Private Reduces Wait Times at the Airport

Even when flights are not delayed, a commercial flight involves long lines and wait times. In general, the US Transportation and Safety Administration (TSA) recommends passengers arrive two hours prior to a flight’s departure for domestic travel and three hours before an international flight. Chartering a private jet can reduce traveling time by eliminating the time spent waiting in the airport. When you hire a private jet, you only have to arrive a half-hour before your flight leaves.

Corporate Private Jet Charters Are Always Direct

In addition to wait times for checking bags, security processing, and boarding the aircraft, many flights include at least one layover adding time to your travel. While some business travelers will book and successfully navigate short layovers, a minimum of 2 hours is often recommended by experts. A shorter layover window increases the risk of missing connecting flights due to delays and the ability to move from one airport gate or terminal to another. Using a private jet charter allows you to eliminate layovers and the time and stress associated with them.

You Can Make Productive Use of Your Flight

Corporate jet charters provide you with the private, quiet environment you need to tackle any of your work needs. While traveling with co-workers, business partners, or clients, you can plan and execute vital meetings. Additionally, you can enjoy a quiet environment to organize, prepare, make necessary phone calls, and complete any task you can accomplish from a remote workspace. Because fewer people are using the plane’s Wi-Fi, the network speed will likely be much faster and more reliable, ensuring more efficient work and reducing the risk of a dropped phone call.

Most importantly, the corporate jet charter provides business travelers privacy for completing sensitive or proprietary work tasks.

Jet Charters Reduce the Time Spent In-Flight

Many corporate jets are smaller than their commercial counterparts. Additionally, they can be faster and more fuel efficient. Finally, corporate jet charters fly at higher altitudes than commercial flights. These factors allow the jet charter to complete the flight to your destination more quickly than a commercial flight. Reducing time spent inflight can lessen the need for overnight stays or allow you to travel to multiple locations in one day. Ultimately when you fly a private jet charter, the shorter flight times allow you to spend more time on what is truly important.


Private Jet Charters Offer Flexible Scheduling

Corporate charter flights are all about flexibility. Flying on a chartered corporate jet gives you the opportunity to plan your travel around your meetings and destinations. Whether you need to fly to and from your destination in one day or need to go to more than one city to meet with multiple clients, there are corporate jet charter options for you. You can choose your flight times, who is flying with you, and where you are going.


Private Planes Are Safer

Most people know that flying is the safest way to travel. However, many travelers may still feel anxious about traveling in a plane, especially a smaller private jet. Although air travel is already a highly safe way to travel, there are several ways that using a corporate jet charter can be safer than even a commercial flight.

You’ll Encounter Fewer People in the Private Jet Terminal

In most situations, when you charter a private corporate jet, flights are flown in and out of a private terminal or airport. This drastically changes the number of people you will come in contact with during your flight experience, from airport personnel to aircrew and travelers. This reduction in person-to-person contact enables private jet companies to more easily ensure the proper health and hygiene of personnel and aircraft. This is especially important in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which increased awareness of health risks and precautions.

Private Jets Can Fly Above Risky Weather

Many people often worry that flying in a corporate jet charter means the smaller airplane will be vulnerable to poor weather conditions. In actuality, the smaller, more maneuverable private jets can better avoid most bad weather. Additionally, as private jets fly at a higher altitude than commercial flights, they can often fly above weather conditions that may cause uncomfortable turbulence.

Jet Charters Can Land at More Airports

Although air travel is incredibly safe, and often private jets can be safer than commercial flights, unforeseen emergencies can occur. Due to their size, private jets have the ability to land at a greater number of airports if an emergency landing should become necessary. Additionally, private jets are capable of changing their flight plans more quickly than their commercial counterparts to avoid potential dangers.


Flying Private Is More Comfortable

One of the greatest benefits of flying private is the comfort it affords. Private jet charters provide you with more comfortable seating and larger spaces to spread out yourself and your work without worrying about bumping into the passenger beside you. Additionally, moving about the cabin is more manageable without the worry of banging a head on overhead bins, walking over other passengers, or getting hit by passing snack carts. Chartering a corporate jet allows you to relax and focus on what is essential without distraction.


How Do I Charter a Corporate Private Jet?

West Palm Jets provides the most competitive pricing in the industry for private jet aircraft management, private jet aircraft acquisition, private jet charter empty legs, and one-way jet charter flights. For a personalized quote from our charter flight company for your next executive trip or any other occasion.

Corporate Charters

West Palm Jets provides the most competitive pricing in the industry for private jet aircraft management, private jet aircraft acquisition, private jet charter empty legs, and one-way jet charter flights. For a personalized quote from our charter flight company for your next executive trip, or any other occasion.

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