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Cost Private Jet charter

There are allot of factors that go into figuring out the cost of a private jet charter. Private jets charter by the hour. Hourly rates for aircraft can vary greatly. There are several reasons why hourly rates differ. The number one reason is most aircraft have different owners. Each owner has different financing arrangements and have different obligations. Aircraft positioning is another major factor. The aircraft best positioned for the mission will typically be the best price. The duration of the charter plays a major factor. Will the aircraft stay with you. Will it return and come back. Is it better to book two different one ways or empty legs. There are two pricing models that we use in the Industry. The Floating fleet pricing model and non floating fleet model. All aircraft have a two hour daily minimum charge.

Non Floating Model

Turbo Prop  $2,200-$2,600
Light Jet       $2,600-$3,800
Mid Size Jet $3,800- $4,800
Super Mid     $4,800-$5,900
Heavy Jet      $7,500-$12,000

Floating Fleet Model (Jet Card)

Turbo Prop  $2600-$2900
Light Jet       $4400-$4900
Mid Size Jet $4900-$5900
Super Mid    $5900-$8500
Heavy Jet     $10,000+ $$$

The Empty Leg Alert feature is truly a revolutionary way to charter. The Empty Leg Alert feature allows you to shop for empty legs all over the world. Our online Empty Leg Alert rivals any private jet charter application on the market. There are no membership fees, no jet cards, just on demand empty legs from all over the world. Our system aggregates empty legs from vendors. It updates every two hours with new flights.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, enter the routing you’re looking for and our alert feature will send you an email when it finds a flight with matching parameters. In turn our agents will be alerted and immediately start calling and emailing vendors that might be transient or charter hungry. This feature helps you to consistently find the best aircraft for the mission with the least amount of repositioning.

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The Empty Leg Alert feature on our website pulls from the largest database of empty legs in the world. We also aggregate empty leg lists from our vendors that are updated into our software daily.

Input the routing that you are looking for and dates and our alert feature will send you an email with a private jet flight that matches those parameters. Our software has the ability to filter only flights that are relative to your routing. When you get an alert, just reply to our team and we can have a quote to you within the hour.

Category: Empty Leg

1. Empty legs are 100% non cancellable
2. Aircraft vendors only drop prices if they cannot sell the leg 12-24 hours prior to your scheduled departure
3. The probability of an actual flight existing for your exact date are very low – it’s a gamble. It’s like rolling the dice in Vegas!
4. Empty legs are reserved for high volume routes. If you’re trying to go to a small town, an empty leg flight is not an option

Category: Empty Leg

This is another fancy term for an empty leg. Typically one can save 35%-65% percent on a flight. The issue is that one has to be extremely flexible as you have to fly on the operators schedule and not your own. So you have to be willing to jump on a plane within 12-24 hours notice to really get a good deal.

An empty leg is an empty sector. Empty legs are caused when the company sells a round trip to a customer who only needs a one way. The management company sells the one way and takes the risk of selling the leg back to home base.

Empty legs can also be created by floating fleets who are trying to string together several flights. The positioning leg to get to their next revenue flight creates an additional leg that they can sell.

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It is generally a good idea to plan a private jet charter flight about a week in advance, but some brokers can charter a flight it just a few hours. We can have you in the air about four hours after you book your flight with us.

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Apps will never replace an experienced jet charter broker. A good broker has a pulse on the market and pricing, knows what vendors have which types of aircraft in certain parts of a state, and knows which routes are most commonly run.

All current algorithms cannot react to demand, repositioning, and fluctuations in cost from aircraft to aircraft. These issues result in higher prices and potential inaccuracies.

There are many private jet applications on the Apple Store or for Android phones. However, you may pay more for your flight if you use an app to book. There are too many variables in pricing to give accurate quotes, so private jet charter apps have to have a 20-40% margin of error embedded into them.

Aircraft are commodities and pricing fluctuates. If demand is high than prices go up, if the demand is low prices go low. Aircraft repositioning is also always a wildcard. The best app will be the one that has a strong brokerage or management company behind it.

You can access our web based quoting tool at www.westpalmjetcharter.com


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Typically brokers with more experience have better relationships and have access to more fleets than new guys. A couple of questions that you should ask: How long have they been doing business? What is the commission structure like? What are the terms of the agreement?

Always make sure you know your cancellation policies. Ask for references. Obviously, I am going to be biased and say we are the best company…

A private jet charter broker is a professional that works to match customers with the aircraft and itinerary that meets their needs. Private jet charter brokers have access to more aircraft than management companies. People that travel frequently often rely on private jet charter brokers to book all of their flights, as brokers are not limited by location or type of aircraft.

Private Jets are owned by corporations and individuals that require travel on a regular basis. Management companies are hired by these entities to handle the maintenance, pilot schedules, and flight planning. They handle all day to day operations and requirements to keep the jets airworthy.

If the owners decide to charter the aircraft in order to offset the costs, handling charters is also the responsibility of the management company.

There are many ways to charter a private jet. The three that are most common are:

  1. Booking through a management company
  2. Booking through a broker
  3. Using an app

Private jets can fly into thousands of airports all over the world. Private jets can even use many airports that are not able to handle commercial aircraft. This means that you can often depart from an airport that is closer to home and fly into an airport that is closer to your destination when you fly private instead of commercial.

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No, when you book a private jet charter, you are basically renting the entire aircraft. For this reason, it is more economical to fly with a group of people than to book a flight alone. Many view the privacy afforded by a private jet charter flight to be the greatest advantage over commercial flights.

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A private jet charter flight is a flight that is flown under a part 135 certificate. As the term private suggest all aspects of flight are confidential and the payee gets to fly on the aircraft of his choice. The payee charters the aircraft in its entirety and is responsible for all charges associated with the flight.

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Disclaimer: All Aircraft And Air Carriers Selected By West Palm Jets are fully Certified by The Federal Aviation Administration and The U.S. Department of Transportation under part 135 regulations. Carriers are Solely Responsible for The Air Transportation Arranged on Behalf Of West Palm Jets’ Clients. West Palm Jets Does not OWN or Operate Any Aircraft. West Palm Jets is not a direct or indirect Air carrier. All flights chartered through West Palm Jets are Operated by Part 135 Air Carriers.

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