Gulfstream G280 – Private Super Mid Size Jet Charter

Gulfstream G280

Gulfstream G280 Exterior

Gulfstream G280 Exterior

The Gulfstream G280 has established itself as the super-midsize class leader in performance and economy.

A newly designed long, sleek wing and high-thrust engines increase range and speed, yet fuel economy is so well maximized the G280 has earned best-in-class fuel efficiency.

This aircraft travels 200 nautical miles beyond its initial targeted range. That design achievement pushes the G280’s maximum range to 3,600 nm at Mach 0.80, making the G280 the only aircraft in its class capable of flying nonstop from London to New York in world-record time.

The G280 has exceptional climbing ability. At maximum takeoff weight, the G280 needs 210 feet less runway than projected, which assures that long-range trips can depart from shorter airfields. The aircraft can climb directly to 43,000 ft in less than 23 minutes, and it consumes up to 12 percent less fuel than any other aircraft in its class.

Gulfstream G280 Interior

Gulfstream G280 Interior

Gulfstream G280 Interior

The door has a 6-foot/1.8-meter clearance and deep stair treads to provide easy access. The cabin height of 6 feet 3 inches/1.91 meters is better than any aircraft in its class. Paired with spacious width and length, that gives the G280 a cabin that comfortably seats up to 10 passengers with beds for up to five.

With 19 windows, natural light permeates the G280 cabin, and it allows every passenger an opportunity to see the world from on high. The cabin features 100 percent fresh-air circulation to a lower, more easily breathable altitude.

The aircraft cabin management system incorporates an iPod touch to provide fingertip control to manage temperature, lighting, monitors and entertainment.

Gulfstream G280 Specifications

  • Passenger Capacity: 10
  • Airspeed: 652 mph
  • Range: 3600 nm
  • Cabin Width: 7.2 feet
  • Cabin Height: 6.3
  • Cabin Length: 25.10 feet

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