Global Empty Legs Charter Flights

Discounts Up to 75% Off

Welcome to the West Palm Jets Empty Leg tool. First off make sure you start with a radius of at least 200NM. This will help you get better search results. As you expand your radius you should have more options.

If you are looking for a specific routing or you don’t see it. Fill out our empty leg alert tool. This will automatically alert an agent and we will search through our databases and send you the best options. We have access to several data bases unfortunately we can not show all the empty leg data that we actually have. Our sourcing department is the best in the Industry so stop searching and let us find you the best pricing online. Better Jet just pick up the phone and speak with a live representative online 24/7 @ 1-888-507-8582

What is a private jet empty leg?

An empty leg, or empty sector, occurs when a one-way flight is booked but the return portion is unclaimed by any passengers. Once it reaches its destination, the aircraft must return to home base or reposition itself to pick up the next customer. Just as a taxi would often need to do on the ground. For this reason, last-minute empty leg flights can be available at exceptional discounts – up to 75% off the original price.

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