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Cessna Citation VII

Cessna Citation VII Exterior

Cessna Citation VII Exterior

The Cessna Citation VII is the high-end version of the Citation VI. This particular aircraft uses different engines to increase cruise speed and takeoff performance.

The most distinctive difference between the Citation VII and the Citation VI is its upgraded engines. It comes equipped with two Honeywell TFE731-4R-2S engines, flat rated to 4,080 pounds of thrust each. This is 780 pounds more than the engines used on the Cessna Citation VI. These engines improve takeoff performance by 180 feet at sea level, and by 630 feet at high-altitude airports. Its climb rate is improved as well, it can reach 37,000 feet in eighteen minutes.

The aircraft cruises at a speed of 528 miles per hour, and it is a good choice for short trips.

Cessna Citation VII Interior

Cessna Citation VII Interior

Cessna Citation VII Interior

The Cessna Citation VII cabin is more comfortable, featuring improved design options and increased soundproofing.

The interior of the Citation VII was designed to compete with the most luxurious mid-sized jets. Each customer can choose from a wide variety of interior design options. Options range from fancy wood finishes to extensive cabin entertainment systems.

Additional soundproofing was added to the 438 cubic feet cabin so that business meetings, or naps can be conducted without interruption.

The aircraft has a fully enclosed lavatory that has been expanded enough to double as a dressing room.

The cabin holds eight passengers and has 51 cubic feet (415 pounds) of baggage space available in an external compartment.

Cessna Citation VII Specifications

  • Passenger Capacity: 8
  • Airspeed: 528 mph
  • Range: 1792 nm
  • Cabin Width: 5.5 ft
  • Cabin Height: 5.7 ft
  • Cabin Length: 18.4 ft

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