Gulfstream G550

The Gulfstream G550, an ultra long-range, intercontinental jet, is the vastly improved iteration of Gulfstream’s well-known GV. It can fly faster, farther, simpler and with more room than its counterpart.

The Gulfstream G550 has the efficiency to fly 6,750 nautical miles nonstop but also is capable of operating out of short-field, high-altitude airports. The payload is a plus, too. The G550 can transport up to 18 passengers and still has the range to fly nonstop more than 12 hours.

Powered by two Rolls-Royce engines that provide the most thrust of any jet in its class, the G550 has a cruise range of 6,750 nautical miles. The aircraft flies from Shanghai to Los Angeles or New York to Dubai nonstop at Mach 0.80. London to Tokyo or to Los Angeles is nonstop at Mach 0.85. Fly all those miles without the delay of fueling stops or extra landing fees.

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Gulfstream G550 Interior

Significant modifications make the G550 more space-efficient and longer, measuring 42.6 ft. (Height is 6.2 ft and width is 7.3 ft max.) The main entry door was strategically moved two feet forward and the jet employs a new, smaller avionics system, both of which lend 58 more cubic feet of usable cabin space.

The forward galley layout adds six feet in length, while the aft galley configuration adds five. Two additional windows are integrated as a result. While the cabin can carry 18 passengers, it is normally configured for eight to ten in an executive arrangement.

Amenities include a full lavatory with shower, a conference/dining room, and/or multiple work stations, and a crew rest area.

The aircraft offers 14 signature oval windows to infuse the cabin with natural light. Plentiful natural light and fresh air help passengers stay alert and focused. Low-altitude pressurization requires less exertion from the body, and it ensures passengers arrive at their destinations refreshed and alert.

The G550’s quiet interior also improves the cabin experience. Advanced sound suppression techniques keep engine noise where it belongs―outside the aircraft. Whether it’s a two-hour hop or a 14-hour nonstop flight, the Gulfstream G550 offers 12 select cabin configurations to satisfy a variety of travel needs.

Gulfstream G550 Specifications

  • Passenger Capacity: 18
  • Airspeed: 562 mph
  • Range: 6750 nm
  • Cabin Width: 7.3 feet
  • Cabin Height: 6.2 feet
  • Cabin Length: 42.6 feet

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