There should be nothing more exciting than flying.

Defying the laws of nature, hurtling through the air at hundreds of miles an hour while enjoying an aerial view of the world below you? That should be jaw-dropping.

Yet somehow, commercial airlines have found a way to suck the joy out of the miracle of flight.

Between lost luggage, delayed or canceled flights, and godawful security screenings, flying can often create more stress than it solves.

To get around the ineptitude and nonsense of commercial airliners, many frequent flyers have decided to travel through private charters instead.

The appeal is obvious: a private, comfortable, direct flight even beats first class.

But not every charter jet is created equally. If you are new to chartering private flights, you might be overwhelmed by the thought of choosing your own airplane.

In this article, we’ll tell you why the Learjet 35 is a great option.

Go Long

Small jets have a much smaller fuel capacity than commercial airliners. Small planes have better fuel efficiency, but they often have a shorter range.

The Learjet 35, on the other hand, has a very impressive flight range for its size: it can travel over 2,100 miles between fueling. That can get you from Florida to California on a single tank.

And that’s without a layover.

It doesn’t sacrifice power to get that fuel efficiency, though. The Learjet 35 is outfitted with two Honeywell TFE731-2-2B engines. These give it a maximum cruising speed of 470mph, so you’ll get to your destination in no time.

Fashion and Function

The Learjet 35 isn’t all utility though.

The interior is luxurious and stylish. With beautiful leather seats and a spacious cabin, this jet offers a comfortable ride that even the most lavish first class riders would envy.

The cabin is outfitted with onboard wi-fi internet and touchscreen displays that offer information such as flight plan, GPS, and weather reports.

Despite the small cabin size, there is a small galley and a private toilet, so you don’t have to sacrifice any of the amenities of a commercial airliner.

Bring a Party

One of the reasons the Learjet 35 is a popular choice for private business flights is because of its seating capacity.

The jet has a maximum capacity of seven. However, you can seat five adult passengers comfortably, which can accommodate most travel parties.

There is also 40 cubic feet of cargo storage, which is more than enough to accommodate everyone’s luggage.

Travel Smarter

There are around 5,000 airports in the United States. Yet, commercial airlines only service 550 of these.

Most large airports are also on the outskirts of town and laden with terrible traffic. Usually, they aren’t exactly in the most convenient locations.

Traffic aside, some cities simply don’t have airport reliable commercial service. People in these locations need to travel hours just to catch a flight.

The Learjet 35’s small size allows it to fly in and out of these small airports, allowing you to make more convenient travel plans.

Book a Learjet 35 Today

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