There is something undeniably enticing about getting away to a place that few have traversed before. Getting away from the known tourist areas and finding a hidden gem can save you the hassles of dealing with the crowds and afford you exclusive views and one-of-a-kind experiences. Getting off the beaten path can be tough, however, as many of the best cannot be accessed by commercial planes. A private charter flight or personal jet can put these far-flung destinations within your reach, however.

Calivigny Island

Calivigny Island is south of Granada, in a lesser-known corner of the Caribbean. The 81-acre island serves as a private retreat for travelers, who get exclusive use of the island when renting. There are several residences available that can accommodate as few as four or as many as 20 guests. There are plenty of activities such as windsurfing and water skiing and all meals are prepared by a private chef. The high price tag of a stay on this island makes it ideal for weddings and family vacations.


Qalansiyah is a small town on the island of Socotra, Yemen. The island of Socotra is very remote, so some of the flora and fauna that inhabit the place cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Even after arriving on the island via private plane, reaching remote Qalansiyah will take about an hour, but the unique sites and exclusive white sand beaches surrounded by mountains will be worth the effort.

Lake Clark National Park

In a remote area southwest of Anchorage, Alaska, lies Lake Clark National Park. Lake Clark National Park boasts views of impressive snow covered mountains, unbelievable fishing, and unique adventuring to assuage your spirit. The area boasts a mix of ecosystems that break out of the Alaskan norm to include still-active volcanoes and rainforests. While the area is relatively untraversed because there is no road access, about 5,000 visitors come through per year, so luxury accommodations can be found.


A visit to the island of Giannutri is a little different from your typical Italy vacation. The island is still a haven away from the bustling crowds, as evidenced by the crystal waters. Snorkeling off the coast of Giannutri is a must-do while staying, but be careful for the sea urchins. While staying, checking out the local family-owned restaurants will give a highly authentic taste of real Italy. Between the natural tropical paradise and the rich Italian culture, this is a destination for the books.

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