Approach Speed

How Is Approach Speed Calculated?

Approach speed is the recommended speed at which an aircraft should approach an airport and is based on a reference landing speed recorded in the aircraft operating manual (AOM) or the quick reference handbook (QRH), which is defined as Vref = 1.3 x the stall speed with full or selected landing flaps. The final approach speed is then calculated as Vref + corrections. Corrections are usually for conditions such as wind, icing, and wind shear as well as factors such as a less than full flap configuration. The appropriate approach speed varies depending on the size of the aircraft, with small, single-engine aircraft approaching at lower speeds than larger aircraft. Approach speed is generally measured in knots, or nautical miles per hour. In addition to the size of the aircraft, the type of aircraft, the flap configuration, wind direction, and the weight of the aircraft. An approach speed is recommended so that aircrafts can make a safe approach to the runway and a safe landing.

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