IS-BAO Safety Standards for Private Jet Charter
Flying is the safest method of transportation. It may not seem like it because plane crashes are more likely to make the news than car crashes. But this is because they’re so rare, a plane crash is far more newsworthy. This doesn’t mean that safety isn’t a major concern for passengers, however. In fact, many choose to fly on a private jet charter instead of flying commercial for safety reasons.

But how do you know you’re choosing the right private jet broker? There are many out there and any passengers concerned with safety will want to know ahead of time that they’re in the safest possible hands. That’s where pre-flight safety reports come in.

What Is a Pre-Flight Safety Report?

A pre-flight safety report is a report gathered by an organization external to the private jet broker or operator. The company provides a report to the passenger requesting it that includes:

  • Flight status
  • Private jet charter operator information
  • Private jet charter broker information
  • Aircraft information
  • Pilot information
  • Co-pilot information

Depending on the company providing the report, they may also include information about that company’s rating system and how the operator is rated.

Who Offers Pre-Flight Safety Reports?

Some private jet brokers may offer their own pre-flight safety reports to passengers regarding any upcoming flight. However, there are two major auditing companies that offer rating systems for private jet companies that also offer pre-flight safety reports to passengers: Argus and Wyvern.

What Is the Argus TripCheq Report?

Argus’ TripCheq Report provides private jet charter passengers with the latest information about an upcoming flight. The TripCheq Report not only analyzes the private jet charter operator’s credentials but also provides information about the pilot and the aircraft. If you order a TripCheq Report, there are three possible statuses that your flight can receive: red, yellow, and green. Red means there’s a known problem. Yellow indicates some data may be missing or that Argus needs more information in order to offer full results. Green means that the operator meets the standards for Argus’ Gold, Gold Plus, or Platinum rating.

What Is the Wyvern PASS Report?

Wyvern’s PASS Report lets passengers know whether or not their flight meets the standards set by Wyvern for their rating of either registered operator or Wingman operator. Passengers ordering a Wyvern PASS report will receive information not only about the private jet charter operator but also about the pilot and the aircraft.

Why Should Passengers Order Pre-Flight Safety Reports?

A pre-flight safety report can tell you everything you need to know about your flight, the company operating it, the broker through which you booked the flight, the aircraft itself, and the pilot flying you to your destination. The safety report can give you the peace of mind you need to have a relaxing flight. Plus, you’ll know that your operator has met the strict safety requirements held by either Wyvern or Argus if the company holds a rating. You can use these safety reports to seek out operators that only have the highest safety ratings.

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