West Palm Jet Charter brings you a closer look to the best private jet beach airports in the world.

No matter how many times you’ve flown – landing at an airport with an amazing view is always a magical moment. And there’s nothing like landing at an airport surrounded by sea and sand.

A stunning, tropical backdrop surrounded by crystal-clear water; beach runways are some of the world’s most beautiful. While we ask voters every year to choose their most scenic airports landing every year, we wanted to focus on some of the most popular beach airports that make the list.

The Caribbean: A paradise for Private Jets

The Caribbean is home to some of the most beautiful airport landings, with aviation enthusiasts from all over the world trekking over just to capture the perfect photo or video upon arrival.

St Barts and St Maartin are well known for their sensational approaches, but lesser-known is the tiny island of Saba. Saba is home to the smallest commercial runway in the world.

Saba is restricted due to its status as the world’s shortest commercial runway to captain-only landings. However, don’t spend too much time watching the pilot work, because you don’t want to miss the magnificent views of the sea and the tiny mountainous island and the fleeting glimpse of the teeny tiny landing strip on which you will come to an abrupt stop.

In the Netherland Antilles, Aruba is the perfect destination for tourists seeking golden beaches, turquoise waters, and luxury hotels. The idyllic arrival sets the tone for this popular holiday island.

Best Beach Airports In The World

Further north, the Bahamas are a popular destination, especially with American travelers. The islands offer beautiful beaches and sea views.

Best Beach Airports In The World

Beautiful European Beach Landings for Private Jets

It’s not just the Caribbean that holds all the best beach landings though. Europe also has its share of stunning beaches too.

Gibraltar Airport is a personal favorite of our CEO, Yuri Gonzalez. On arrival at the Rock, you can see both the coast and the beauty of the peninsula. It’s a fabulously visual experience on approach – an exhilarating landing for pilots and passengers alike.

Another European landing that requires specific pilot expertise is the unique beach runway at Barra, in the Hebrides.

Only turboprop aircraft can land on this Scottish beachfront airstrip, during low tide and daylight hours – as there’s no runway lighting in this remote spot.

Across the channel, France is home to one of the best seaside approaches in the world: Nice Cote d’Azur. The airport is a popular destination with private aviation flights – handling about 30,000 private jet movements every year, putting it third in Europe’s busiest private jet airports.

The arrival is truly spectacular, between the blue Mediterranean and the mountains.

The Islands of the Pacific Beach Landings for Private Jets

The Pacific Ocean is renowned for its incredible aerial approaches. This part of the world is home to the airport of Queenstown in New Zealand.

Not far away from there, planted in the middle of the Pacific, is Aitutaki Airport, in the Cook Islands. This is one of the most beautiful atolls in the world. It certainly offers a dramatically beautiful view from above.

Then there is Australia’s Hamilton Island, where the runway stops just short of the ocean at either end.

If you’re a little nervous about landing, it’s probably best to look east or west – just over the largest uninhabited island in Australia. But for thrill seekers, keep your eyes forward, and watch your aircraft come to a strop just inches from the turquoise ocean.

Treasures of the Indian Ocean for Private Jets

Male airport in the Maldives is an island unto itself. The runway covers the length of Hulhule Island, which makes for a truly impressive landing, surrounded by water and glimpses of other nearby islands.

Seeing each teeny tiny island fills you with excitement, as you wonder which one will be yours.

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