While you aren’t likely going to jet charter into an area simply because of the airport’s fantastic reputation, knowing which airports are the best may enhance your trip. Since you can often select an airport from several in an area when flying private, you may opt for one of these top picks instead of one of the surrounding airports.

Knowing which airports are top rated and why may also help you to plan some fun excursions beginning right when you land at your destination.

Portland International Airport

Portland, Oregon’s reputation as a green city starts right at the airport. The natural beauty of the city is showcased around the building in the form of lush landscaping. There are bike paths and a MAX light rail line that can take you into the city if you are focused on reducing your carbon footprint. The airport also offers free Wi-Fi and plenty of local shops and restaurants and there are plenty more within biking distance.

Palm Beach International Airport

This medium sized airport in West Palm Beach, Florida hooks right up to I-95 to bring you to the greater Miami area or wherever else in Florida that you wish to go. Taking a private jet to Palm Beach International can start your trip out on a relaxing note, as there is an eight hole putting green that you can take advantage of.

Indianapolis International Airport

IND is known for its incredibly unique architecture and the ease with which travelers can move through the airport, even when flying commercially. Taking a private jet charter to the city will allow you to skip the hustle of the airport, but you may wish to pop in just to sample some of the local fare that is featured inside. The fun décor that highlights the Indy 500 may just get you revved up for your visit, too.

Salt Lake City International Airport

When flying into Salt Lake City, most travelers note the spectacular mountain views. The airport is selected as a favorite for its friendly staff and easy-to-navigate design, but SLC is also a stickler for high standards. Even though it has been picked by many travel magazines and sites as one of the best, there is a new terminal complex under construction to make the experience even better. Starting in December 2017, non-stop flights to and from Miami International will also be offered.

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