Cannes Film Festival

Headed to the Cannes Film Festival in May? There are a lot of business and networking opportunities for film students, professionals and those with press accreditation at the festival. However, film enthusiasts can enjoy public screenings at the festival too.

Aside from being a hub of best-selling stories on film, travelers can also enjoy the warm, alluring countryside charm of Le Suquet and bask in the stylish and luxurious French Riviera. Locals say that the best time to travel for the festival is a week before the opening to avoid airport traffic and peak rates for accommodation. If your schedule doesn’t permit, however, a private jet can always take you safe, sound and superb to Nice Cote d’Azur airport.

What To Pack

Most people think you can take unlimited baggage on a private jet, but the truth is, you still need to limit your baggage volume, especially when traveling with a group to the Cannes Film Festival. Check your baggage space when booking a private jet and separate electronic devices like your tablet in a hand carry bag to avoid breakage.

If you will be in Cannes for the opening and closing dates of the festival, make sure to bring formal wear for the gala evening. It helps to bring over-the-counter medicines such as antiflatulent tablets and essential oils like cedarwood for curing any side-effects of jet lag.

What To Expect

If you are one of those professionals and students accredited in the film industry, you can get full access to Cannes Film Festival activities with an official badge that you can use as a pass throughout the event. It’s been a tradition on the opening night that celebrities and famous filmmakers walk down the red carpet in their best formal attire while some arrive in style from their private jets.

The Cannes Film Market is also something to look forward to on the first few days as film distributors from all around the world are selling exclusive rights to their films, you might be one of those interested in screening films in your hometown or other places. The third to last days, however, are packed with financiers ready to fund the best films. Be prepared to meet a huge crowd throughout the festival and brace for the traffic as well.

How To Get Ready

Learning the lingo at the Cannes Film Festival will help you get the right directions and land in relevant conversations with people attending the festival. Cannes is pronounced as “kan” instead of “cans,” while the primary venue where big screenings are held are at the Palais, which is pronounced as “pal-ay” instead of “palace”. Most films will be in French and some are without subtitles, so be ready to learn some French. You can also speak to the locals in their mother tongue when you shop for fresh fruits at Marché Forville.

Where To Unwind

In between the festivities, first timers can look forward to nearby tourist landmarks such as the La Croisette.  Travelers can go for a 2-kilometer walk with fresh air, a view of the sea and sunset or sunrise, and a cup of coffee served at the restaurants within the area. If you’re more of a beach lover, you can watch free outdoor screenings at the Cinéma de la Plage on Macé Beach. They have seats, but if you don’t have a ticket, you can always spread your blanket on the sand and bring a glass of champagne and picnic items to watch the movies.

Cannes is a top international destination for people in the film industry, but it is also a haven for travelers looking for unique stories on film and relaxation at the same time. Head towards the 72nd Cannes Film Festival this May 14 – 25, 2019 by booking a private jet from West Palm Jets and leave the worries and stresses of commercial travel behind.

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