Carbon Emissions

What Are Carbon Emissions?

Carbon emissions are the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other carbon gases emitted by an aircraft. These contribute to the airplane’s carbon footprint, or the total amount of emissions caused by the flight. Carbon emissions for flights are measured not by the rate of emission but by the total emissions for the entire trip. Because of the damage that carbon emissions can cause to the environment, including contributing to climate change, many private jet charter companies work to offset their carbon footprint

How Can We Offset Carbon Emissions from Jet Charter?

West Palm Jet Charter encourages its clients to offset the carbon emissions from their flights using Terrapass. Clients can donate per gallon of fuel burned during their flight. These donations are then put towards environmentally-friendly projects that seek to reduce greenhouse gases, which would offset the emissions of a flight. Terrapass also works to find new technology that can be used to decrease aircraft emissions and reduce dependence on foreign fuels.

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