District of Columbia

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District of Columbia

District of Columbia

The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area, also called the “DC area”, encompasses the U.S. Capital as well as parts of the states of Maryland and Virginia, and a small portion of West Virginia. There are 3 major airports with scheduled passenger service and general aviation services in the area. As for public-use general aviation airports, there are two rings of incredibly restricted airspace around DC for national security reasons. The Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) encompasses the Flight Restricted Zone (DC FRZ) and the Special Flight Rules Area (DC SFRA), and they cover about 2,800 square miles. There are about a dozen general aviation public-use airports within the DC ADIZ. Pilots who violate the boundaries may be intercepted by military aircraft and escorted to the nearest airport, followed by suspension or revocation of the pilot’s certificates.

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CityAirportAirport Code
WashingtonDulles Int L AirportKIAD
WashingtonRonald Reagan National AirportKDCA


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