Montana, the 4th largest state in size, has a network of 106 public airports, including 13 airports with scheduled passenger service, 37 general aviation airports, 4 U.S. Forest Service airports, and 52 other public-use airports.

The state contains a total of 77 named mountain ranges that are part of the Rocky Mountains. Popular Montana destinations include Glacier National Park, which is often called the “Alps of the Americas” and is half of the joint U.S. – Canadian Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument in Billings, which preserves the site of the 1876 Battle of the Little Bighorn, a.k.a. Custer’s Last Stand, an armed engagement between the U.S. Army and combined forces of Lakota, Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes, and Yellowstone National Park which extends 3,400 square miles from Wyoming into Montana and Idaho.

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City Airport Airport Code
Anaconda Bowman Field Airport K3U3
Ashland St Labre Mission Airport 3U4
Augusta Augusta Airport 3U5
Babb Babb Airport 49S
Baker Baker Muni Airport KBHK
Belle creek Belle Creek Airport K3V7
Belle creek Morris Ranch Airport MT03
Benchmark Benchmark Airport K3U7
Big fork Ferndale Airfield Airport 53U
Big sandy Big Sandy Airport K3U8
Big timber Big Timber Airport K6S0
Billings Billings Logan Intl Airport KBIL
Boulder Boulder Airport 3U9
Bozeman Gallatin Field Airport KBZN
Bridger Bridger Muni Airport K6S1
Broadus Broadus Airport K00F
Browning Starr-browning Airstrip Airport K8S0
Butte Bert Mooney Airport KBTM
Chester Liberty County Airport KLTY
Chinook Edgar G Obie Airport S71
Chinook Hebbelman Airport 4U4
Choteau Choteau Airport KCII
Circle Circle Town County Airport K4U6
Clinton Elliott Field Airport 0MT0
Colstrip Colstrip Airport KM46
Columbus Columbus Airport K6S3
Conrad Conrad Airport KS01
Culbertson Big Sky Field Airport KS85
Cutbank Cut Bank Muni Airport KCTB
Deer lodge Deer Lodge-city-county Airport K38S
Dell Dell Flight Strip Airport K4U9
Dillon Dillon Airport KDLN
Dutton Dutton Airport 5U1
Ekalaka Ekalaka Airport K97M
Ekalaka Sikorski Ranch Airport MT74
Ennis Ennis Big Sky Airport KEKS
Ennis Sportsmans Field Airport 05MT
Eureka Eureka Airport K88M
Fairfield Fairfield Airport K5U5
Forsyth Tillitt Field Airport K1S3
Fort benton Fort Benton Airport K79S
Fort peck Fort Peck Airport 37S
Fort smith Fort Smith Landing Strip Airport K5U7
Fortine Crystal Lakes Resort Airport 01MT
Gallatin gateway Nine Quarter Circle Ranch Airport 1MT0
Gardiner Gardiner Airport K29S
Glasgow Glasgow Industrial Airport 07MT
Glasgow Wokal Field Glasgow Intl Airport KGGW
Glendive Dawson Community Airport KGDV
Great falls Great Falls Intl Airport KGTF
Great falls Horner Field Airport MT40
Hamilton Ravalli County Airport K6S5
Hardin Fairgrounds Airpark Airport KF02
Harlem Fort Belknap Agency Airport KU09
Harlem Harlem Airport K48S
Harlowton Baxter Strip Airport MT82
Harlowton Wheatland County At Harlo Airport KHWQ
Havre Havre City-county Airport KHVR
Helena Helena Regional Airport KHLN
Helena Ox Bow Ranch Airport 11MT
Helena Wilhelm Airstrip Airport MT96
Hingham Hutchinson Airport 26MT
Hogeland Hogeland Airport 6U6
Hot springs Hot Springs Airport S09
Hysham Hysham Airport 6U7
Jordan Jordan Airport KJDN
Kalispell Carson Field Airport MT53
Kalispell Flathead Lake Sky Ranch Airport MT95
Kalispell Glacier Park Intl Airport KGPI
Kalispell Kalispell City Airport KS27
Lakeview Lakeview Airport MT46
Lakeview Metzel Creek Airport MT47
Laurel Laurel Muni Airport K6S8
Lavina Lavina Airport 80S
Lewistown Holland Ranch Airport 14MT
Lewistown Lewistown Muni Airport KLWT
Libby Libby Airport KS59
Lincoln Lincoln Airport KS69
Livingston Flying Y Ranch Airport MT48
Livingston Mission Field Airport KLVM
Lustre Olfert Airport MT04
Malta Malta Airport KM75
Marion Cabin Creek Landing Airport 97MT
Melville Cottontail Ranch Airport MT36
Melville Langhus Airstrip Airport MT07
Miles city Frank Wiley Field Airport KMLS
Miles city Sunday Creek Airpark Airport MT29
Missoula Missoula International Airport KMSO
Moore Beacon Star Antique Airfield Airport MT24
Peerless Oglesby Farms Inc Airport MT87
Philipsburg Riddick Field Airport KU05
Plains Plains Airport KS34
Plentywood Sher-wood Airport PWD
Polson Polson Airport K8S1
Poplar Poplar Airport K42S
Port of del bonita Whetstone Intl Airport H28
Red lodge Red Lodge Airport KRED
Roberts Bangart Field Airport 16MT
Ronan Ronan Airport K7S0
Roundup Roundup Airport KRPX
Ryegate Ryegate Airport 8U0
Sand coulee Prill Field Airport 1MT7
Schafer Schafer Usfs Airport 8U2
Scobey Scobey Airport K9S2
Scobey Scobey Border Station East Poplar Intl Airport 8U3
Seeley lake Black Canyon Ranch Airport MT39
Seeley lake Seeley Lake Airport 23S
Shelby Shelby Airport KSBX
Sheridan Tezak S-colterville-spur Airport MT22
Sidney Sidney-richland Muni Airport KSDY
Spotted bear Spotted Bear Usfs Airport 8U4
Stanford Stanford Airport KS64
Stevensville Stevensville Airport K32S
Superior Mineral County Airport K9S4
Terry Terry Airport K8U6
Thompson falls Pinehurst Ranch Airport 0MT7
Thompson falls Thompson Falls Airport KTHM
Three forks Three Forks Airport K9S5
Townsend Canyon Ferry Airport 8U9
Townsend Townsend Airport K8U8
Trout creek Craik Airport 29MT
Troy Troy Airport K57S
Turner Turner Airport K9U0
Twin bridges Twin Bridges Airport K7S1
Valier Valier Airport 7S7
White sulphur springs White Sulphur Springs Airport K7S6
Whitehall Jefco Skypark Airport MT41
Wilsall Wilsall Airport 9U1
Wisdom Wisdom Airport 7S4
Wise river Wise River Airport 02T
Wolf point J B Airport MT90
Wolf point L M Clayton Airport KOLF
Yellowstone Yellowstone Airport KWYS
Zortman Zortman Airport MT08

Montana Quick Info

Capital: Helena

Largest City: Billings


147,040[1] sq mi (380,800 km2)


44° 21′ N to 49° N


104° 2′ W to 116° 3′ W


1,050,493 (2017 est.)

Time zone

Mountain: UTC -7/-6

Fly with us often or as little as you like; we will always do our very best to earn your continued business.

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