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FAA Identifier:  HPN
Lat/Long:  41-04-01.0299N 073-42-27.2396W
41-04.017165N 073-42.453993W
Elevation:  438.9 ft. / 133.8 m (surveyed)
Variation:  13W (2020)
From city:  3 miles NE of WHITE PLAINS, NY
Time zone:  UTC -4 (UTC -5 during Standard Time)
Zip code:  10604



Runway Information

Runway 16/34

Dimensions:  6549 x 150 ft. / 1996 x 46 m
Surface:  asphalt/grooved, in good condition
Weight bearing capacity: 
PCN 34 /F/B/X/U
Double wheel:  120.0
Runway edge lights:  high intensity
Latitude:  41-04.533207N 41-03.600037N
Longitude:  073-42.798352W 073-42.084135W
Elevation:  438.9 ft. 379.8 ft.
Traffic pattern:  left left
Runway heading:  163 magnetic, 150 true 343 magnetic, 330 true
Declared distances:  TORA:6549 TODA:6549 ASDA:6549 LDA:6549 TORA:6549 TODA:6549 ASDA:6549 LDA:6549
Markings:  precision, in good condition precision, in good condition
Visual slope indicator:  4-light PAPI on left (3.00 degrees glide path) 4-light PAPI on left (3.00 degrees glide path)
RVR equipment:  touchdown rollout
Approach lights:  MALSR: 1,400 foot medium intensity approach lighting system with runway alignment indicator lights
Runway end identifier lights:  yes
Centerline lights:  yes yes
Touchdown point:  yes, lighted yes, no lights
Instrument approach:  ILS/DME ILS/DME
Obstructions:  none 87 ft. bldg, lighted, 3460 ft. from runway, 600 ft. right of centerline, 37:1 slope to clear

Runway 11/29

Dimensions:  4451 x 150 ft. / 1357 x 46 m
Surface:  asphalt/grooved, in fair condition
Weight bearing capacity: 
PCN 28 /F/B/X/U
Single wheel:  70.0
Double wheel:  120.0
Double tandem:  120.0
Runway edge lights:  medium intensity
Runway edge markings:  RWY 11 AIMING POINT MARKINGS.
Latitude:  41-04.023115N 41-03.865682N
Longitude:  073-42.945623W 073-41.999885W
Elevation:  397.2 ft. 387.8 ft.
Traffic pattern:  left left
Runway heading:  115 magnetic, 102 true 295 magnetic, 282 true
Displaced threshold:  no 1292 ft.
Declared distances:  TORA:4451 TODA:4451 ASDA:4451 LDA:4451 TORA:4451 TODA:4451 ASDA:4451 LDA:3159
Markings:  basic, in good condition basic, in good condition
Visual slope indicator:  4-light PAPI on left (3.00 degrees glide path)
Runway end identifier lights:  yes
Touchdown point:  yes, no lights yes, no lights
Obstructions:  11 ft. pole, 481 ft. from runway, 144 ft. left of centerline, 25:1 slope to clear 71 ft. trees, 527 ft. from runway, 15 ft. right of centerline, 4:1 slope to clear

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White Plains Quick Info

Country: USA

State: New York


9.89 sq mi (25.60 km2)

Coordinates 41°2′24″N 73°46′43″W


58,111 (2018 est)

Density: 5,962.43/sq mi (2,302.16/km2)

Time zone Eastern

Eastern (EST) (UTC-5)

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