This is a list of airports in Texas (a U.S. state), grouped by city, airport name, and airport code.







Some private-use and former airports may be included where notable, such as airports that were previously public-use, those with commercial assignments recorded by the FAA or airports assigned an IATA airport code.

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CityAirportAirport Code
AbernathyAbernathy Municipal AirportKF83
AbileneAbilene Regional AirportKABI
AbileneDyess Afb AirportKDYS
AbileneElmdale Airpark Airport82TS
AckerlyColeman Cattle Company Nr 1 Airport75TA
AdrianColeman Cattle Company Nr 2 Airport76TA
AlbanyAlbany Muni AirportKT23
AliceAlice International AirportKALI
Alpine02 Ranch Airport46TE
AlpineAlpine-casparis Municipal AirportKE38
AlpineTaurus Mesa Airport4TE4
AlpineTerlingua Ranch Airport1E2
AlvinEnnis Muni AirportKF41
AlvinMinard Pegasus AirportTE09
AmarilloAmarillo International AirportKAMA
AmarilloBlue Sky Airfield Airport2TX0
AmarilloBuffalo Airport1E7
AmarilloFlying K Airport7TX8
AmarilloPalo Duro Airport1E4
AmarilloTradewind AirportKTDW
AnahuacChambers County AirportKT00
AnahuacChambers County-winnie St AirportKT90
AndrewsAndrews County AirportKE11
Angleton lake jacksonBrazoria County AirportKLBX
Archer cityArcher City Municipal AirportT39
ArlingtonArlington Municipal AirportKGKY
ArmstrongArmstrong Ranch Airport47TX
AspermontDouglas Flying Service Private Airport6TE8
AspermontStonewall County AirportKT60
AthensAthens Municipal AirportKF44
AthensGlad Oaks Airport2XS3
AthensLochridge Ranch AirportTX25
AtlantaHall Miller Municipal AirportKATA
AustinAustin Executive AirportKEDC
AustinAustin Bergstrom International AirportKAUS
AustinHorseshoe Bay Airpark Airport4XS7
AustinLakeway Airpark AirportK3R9
AvingerEagle Landing Airport61TA
BallingerBruce Field AirportKE30
BanderaFlying L AirportTE90
BanderaLobo Mountain Ranch AirportTE21
BardwellFlying O AirportTX29
BarksdaleFlying Bull Ranch AirportTA52
BatesvilleNash Ranch AirportXA64
BatesvilleR J Livestock Co AirportTA82
Bay CityBay City Muni AirportKBYY
Bay ViewRancho Buena Vista AirportTS94
BaytownBaytown AirportKHPY
BaytownFerris Airport25TA
BaytownR W J Airpark AirportK54T
BeasleyPurdy Nielsen Memorial Airpark Airport3TS5
BeasleyWard Airpark Airport5T0
BeaumontBeaumont Municipal AirportKBMT
BeaumontSoutheast Texas Regional AirportKBPT
BeevilleBeeville Municipal AirportK3R0
BellvilleP-k Ranch Airport60TX
BerclairGoliad County Industrial AirportK7T3
BertramFlying X Ranch Airport64TX
Big lakeCharles J Hughes Ranch Airport74XS
Big lakeReagan County AirportKE41
Big sandyAlert Field Airport18TE
Big springBig Spring Mc Mahon-wrink AirportKBPG
Big springEdwards Lucian Wells Ranch AirportTX31
Big wellsPrice Ranch AirportXS53
BishopBishop Municipal AirportK07R
BlancoCts-stacy Airport3TA5
BlancoKennedy Ranch Airport50TX
BlancoRocky Top Ranch AirportTA53
BloomingtonGreen Lake Ranch Airport69TX
BonhamJones Field AirportKF00
BookerLoesch Ranch AirportTS78
BorgerHutchinson County AirportKBGD
BowieBowie Municipal AirportK0F2
Boxelder/lydiaKey S Ranch AirportTX35
BrackettvilleFort Clark Springs Airport74TX
BrackettvilleL Davis Ranch Airport5XS8
BrackettvilleLa Fonda Ranch Airport2TX3
BrackettvilleLeona Ranch Airport75TX
BrackettvillePinon Ranch Airport1XS8
BrackettvilleSpring Ranch Airport3TA6
BrackettvilleTularosa AirportTA31
BradyCurtis Field AirportKBBD
BradyRiver Bend Ranch Airport94TX
BreckenridgeGreen Ranch AirportTX36
BreckenridgeStephens County AirportKBKD
BrenhamBrenham Municipal AirportK11R
BridgeportBridgeport Municipal AirportKXBP
BriggsJ R Ranch Airport15TA
BrookshireJo Na Acres AirportTA03
BrookshireSport Flyers Airport27XS
BrookshireWoods Nr 2 AirportTA28
BrownfieldTerry County AirportKBFE
BrownsvilleSouth Padre Island International AirportKBRO
BrownwoodBrownwood Regional AirportKBWD
BrownwoodTin Top Ranch Airport3TA4
BryanCoulter Field AirportKCFD
BryanTexas A And M Flight Test Station Airport83TX
BudaRutherford Ranch Airport85TX
BurnellPorter Ranch Airport87TX
BurnetBurnet Muni Kate Craddock AirportKBMQ
Caddo millsCaddo Mills Municipal Airport7F3
Caddo millsFlying T Ranch Airport18TX
CaldwellCaldwell Municipal AirportK14R
CallaghanCallaghan Ranch Airport90TX
CallihamPaisano Ranch Airport91TX
CambelltonArrow S Ranch AirportTE26
CameronCameron Municipal Airpark AirportKT35
Camp woodFossil Creek Ranch AirportTE78
CanadianHemphill County AirportKHHF
CanadianUrschel Ranch Airport9TA2
CantonCanton-hackney AirportK7F5
CantonGoode Field AirportTX43
CanyonMaples Field Airport1E9
Carrizo springsChupadera Ranch Airport95TX
Carrizo springsDentonio Ranch Airport1TS6
Carrizo springsDimmit County AirportKCZT
Carrizo springsGlass Ranch Airport74TA
Carrizo springsIndio Faith Airport2XS2
Carrizo springsSan Pedro Ranch Airport97TX
CarthagePanola County Airport AirportK4F2
CastrovilleCastroville Municipal AirportKCVB
CatarinaBriggs Ranch Airport99TX
CatarinaBriscoes Catarina Ranch Airport1TE1
CatarinaDiamond H Ranch Airport0XS0
CatarinaHarrison Piloncillo Ranch AirportTE27
Cedar laneFay Ranch Airport0XS9
CenterCenter Muni AirportKF17
CenterHawkeye Hunting Club AirportTX45
CentervilleDillard Ranch AirportTE01
ChildressChildress Muni AirportKCDS
ChillicotheBarnett Airport63TA
CiscoCisco Muni AirportK3F2
ClarendonClarendon Muni AirportKE34
ClaudeReed Airport5TA4
CleburneCleburne Muni AirportKCPT
ClevelandAinsworth Airport06TE
ClevelandCleveland Muni AirportK6R3
ClevelandLake Bay Gall Airport0TS5
ColemanColeman Muni AirportKCOM
College stationEasterwood Field AirportKCLL
Colorado cityColorado City AirportKT88
ColumbusRobert R Wells Jr AirportK66R
ComancheComanche County-city AirportK7F9
ComfortB J Mc Combs Sisterdale Airport08TE
ComstockNix River Ranch Strip AirportTX07
ComstockRobertson Ranch Airport0TE0
ConroeCommerce Municipal AirportK2F7
ConroeLone Star Executive AirportKCXO
ConwayEagles Aerodrome Airport55TS
Corpus ChristiCabaniss Field Nolf AirportKNGW
Corpus ChristiCorpus Christi International AirportKCRP
Corpus ChristiCorpus Christi Nas Truax AirportKNGP
Corpus ChristiCuddihy Field Airport07TE
Corpus ChristiWaldron Fld Nolf AirportKNWL
CorsicanaCorsicana Municipal AirportKCRS
CorsicanaThe Homestead Airport90TE
CotullaCotulla-la Salle County AirportKCOT
CotullaGhost Apache Airport45XS
CotullaGould Strip Airport46TA
CotullaLos Cuernos Ranch AirportXA08
CotullaMorris Ranch Airport79TA
CotullaUno Mas Ranch Airport5TS1
CraneCrane County AirportKE13
CraneJ-bar Ranch Airport8TE2
CressonChigger Field AirportTE52
CrockettHouston County AirportKT56
CrosbyRoeder Airport49TA
CrosbytonCrosbyton Municipal AirportK8F3
Cross plainsGoodall Ranch AirportTA16
CrowellFoard County AirportK8F4
Crystal cityCrystal City Muni AirportK20R
Crystal cityFlying G AirportTA34
Crystal cityWagner-braxdale Airport2TE8
CypressDry Creek AirportTS07
CypressWeiser Air Park AirportKEYQ
D'hanisSquirrel Creek Ranch Airport4TE9
DaingerfieldGreater Morris County AirportK8F5
DalhartDalhart Muni AirportKDHT
DalhartMiller Airfield Airport25TS
DallasAddison AirportKADS
DallasAir Park Dallas AirportKF69
DallasDallas Executive AirportKRBD
DallasDallas Love Field AirportKDAL
DamonMassimiliano Meml Field Airport4TA0
DanburyGarrett Ranch Airport77XS
DaytonPinoak Airport3TE9
DecaturBishop Airport76T
DecaturDecatur Muni AirportKLUD
DecaturHeritage Creek Airstrip Airport58TA
DecaturJacksboro Muni AirportK21F
DecaturLazy 9 Ranch AirportTX64
Del RioBertani Ranch Airport23TS
Del RioDel Rio Intl AirportKDRT
Del RioDevil S River Ranch Airport4TE7
Del RioLaughlin Afb AirportKDLF
Del RioRio Vista Ranch AirportTS04
Del RioRnk Ranch Airport8TS8
Del RioTyra Ranch AirportTA81
Dell CityClm Ranch Airport2TE7
Dell CityDell City Muni AirportK2E5
DentonDenton Muni AirportKDTO
Denver CityDenver City AirportKE57
Denver CityTwo Leggs Airport1TA5
DevineDevine Muni AirportK23R
DilleyDilley Airpark AirportK24R
DimmittDimmitt Muni AirportKT55
DimmittOtt Farms Airport7TS8
DorchesterTx Aero Sport AirportXA65
DrydenTerrell County AirportK6R6
DublinDublin Muni AirportK9F0
DublinQuahadi Ranch Airport17XS
DumasMoore County AirportKDUX
Eagle lakeEagle Lake AirportKELA
Eagle passComanche Ranch Airport5TE0
Eagle passMaverick County Meml Intl AirportK5T9
Eagle passWinn Exploration Co Inc Airport6TA4
EastlandEastland Muni AirportKETN
EdcouchCannon Aviation Airport6XS5
EdinburgEdinburg Intl AirportKEBG
EdinburgNorman White Airport6TE1
EdnaJackson County AirportK26R
EdnaKubecka Flying Service Inc Airport6TE5
El campoStovall Ranch Nr 1 Airport7TE6
El PasoBiggs Aaf AirportKBIF
El PasoEl Paso International AirportKELP
El PasoWest Texas AirportKT27
El DoradoEldorado AirportK27R
El DoradoRocking R Ranch Airport6TA0
EncinalEl Jardin Ranch AirportXA66
EncinalLa Esperanza Ranch AirportTE29
EncinalLewis Ranch Airport2TX4
EncinalStrait Ranch Airport8TS9
EncinoEl Coyote Ranch Airport2TA8
EscobasZachry Ranch Airport7TE1
EvadaleBen Bruce Memorial Airpark Airport4TE8
FabensFabens AirportKE35
FairfieldBig Brown Creek Airstrip AirportTX73
FairfieldPyramid Ranch Airport2TA6
FalfurriasBrooks County AirportKBKS
FalfurriasCage Ranch Airport7TE2
FentressFentress Airpark AirportXS90
FloresvilleBoening Brothers Airport7TE9
FloresvilleJohn B Connally Ranch Airport8TA0
FloresvilleWall Flying Service Airport8TE1
FloydadaFloydada Municipal AirportK41F
FollettFollett Lipscomb County AirportKT93
Fort DavisBlue Mountain AirportTA56
Fort hood(killeen)Longhorn Aux Landing Strip Airport22XS
Fort StocktonAllison Ranch Airport4TS7
Fort StocktonFaith Cattle Company Longfellow Ranch Airport8TE6
Fort StocktonPecos County AirportKFST
Fort WorthBourland Field AirportK50F
Fort WorthDallas Fort Worth International AirportKDFW
Fort WorthFort Worth Alliance AirportKAFW
Fort WorthFort Worth Meacham International AirportKFTW
Fort WorthFort Worth Nas AirportKNFW
Fort WorthSpinks AirportKFWS
Fort WorthSycamore Strip AirportK9F9
Fort WorthHicks Airfield AirportKT67
Fort WorthKenneth Copeland Airport4T2
Fort WorthMarkum Ranch AirportTX79
FowlertonKenley Ranch Airport34XS
FredericksburgGillespie County AirportKT82
FredericksburgIndian Springs Ranch Airport7XS7
FredricksburgSilver Wings AirportTS36
FreerDuval County Ranch Co Airport28TA
FreerDuval-freer AirportKT19
FrionaIcao Chg D To Kx54 AirportKQ54
FulshearCovey Trails AirportX09
GainesvilleGainesville Muni AirportKGLE
GalvestonScholes Intl At Galveston AirportKGLS
GanadoCalaway AirportTS08
GatesvilleCity-county AirportKGOP
George westLive Oak County AirportK8T6
GeorgetownGeorgetown Muni AirportKGTU
GeorgetownTri-modal Air Park Airport30TA
GiddingsGiddings-lee County AirportKGYB
GilmerFox Stephens Field - Gilm AirportKJXI
GladewaterGladewater Muni AirportK07F
Glen roseWright Ranch AirportTX93
GonzalesGonzales Muni AirportKT20
GrafordPossum Kingdom AirportKF35
GrahamGraham Muni AirportKRPH
GrahamRosser Ranch Airport10F
GranburyGranbury Muni AirportKGDJ
GranburyPecan Plantation Airport0TX1
Grand prairieGrand Prairie Muni AirportKGPM
GrapevineFlying Cap Valley AirportTS53
GreenvilleMajors AirportKGVT
GreenvilleWeese Intl AirportXS14
GrovetonGroveton-trinity County AirportK33R
GruverCluck Ranch AirportK2E3
GruverGruver Muni AirportKE19
GustineYoakum Airport1TX1
Guthrie6666 Ranch Airport6TE6
GuthrieBeggs Ranch Airport1TX3
Hale centerLaney Farm Airport1TX5
HalfwaySmith Farms Airport0TA2
HallettsvilleHallettsville Muni AirportK34R
HamiltonHamilton Municipal AirportKMNZ
HamlinHamlin Muni AirportK14F
HarlingenValley Intl AirportKHRL
HarperLone Star Flying Service AirportXA41
HaskellHaskell Muni AirportK15F
HearneHearne Muni AirportKLHB
HebbronvilleBarronena Ranch Airport03TE
HebbronvilleKaffie Ranch AirportTA44
HebronvilleJim Hogg County AirportKHBV
HendersonRusk County AirportKF12
HenlyByram Ranch Airport63XS
HenriettaHenrietta Airport8TS2
HerefordHereford Muni AirportKHRX
HicoPutty Ranch AirportTA78
HigginsHiggins-lipscomb County AirportK1X1
HillThe Landing Airport9XS1
HillsboroHillsboro Municipal AirportKINJ
HockleyBiggin Hill AirportTX49
HockleyGreen Acres AirportTA90
HondoHondo Muni AirportKHDO
HoustonD Wayne Hooks AirportKDWH
HoustonDan Jones Intl AirportT51
HoustonEllington Field AirportKEFD
HoustonG Bush Intercontinental AirportKIAH
HoustonHappy Landings Airport2H5
HoustonHouston Executive AirportKTME
HoustonHouston Southwest AirportKAXH
HoustonPearland Regional AirportKLVJ
HoustonSkyhaven Airport8TX7
HoustonWest Houston AirportKIWS
HoustonWilliam P Hobby AirportKHOU
HuntsvilleHuntsville Muni AirportKUTS
IdalouEveritt Airport2TX6
IndianolaBig Duke S Place Airport5TS9
InglesideT P Mc Campbell AirportKT43
IolaK Ranch Airport3TE0
IraanIraan Muni AirportK2F0
JacksonvilleCherokee County AirportKJSO
JasperJasper County-bell Field AirportKJAS
JaytonKent County AirportK22F
JeffersonCypress River AirportK24F
JeffersonManning Field Airport6F7
Johnson CityHarris Ranch Airport2XS1
Johnson CityJohnson City Airport0TE7
JoshuaBuffalo Chips Airpark AirportTE45
JunctionKimble County AirportKJCT
JunctionWest Kerr Ranch Airport18TA
Karnes cityBurris Ranch Airport2TE6
KatySack-o-grande Acroport Airport9X9
KaufmanBaum AirportTA46
KenedyKarnes County AirportK2R9
KentRancho Del Cielo AirportXS44
KerensHancock Airport4TX5
KerensRoscoe Mc Connico Airport06TS
KerrickPerkins-prothro Cimarron Ranch Airport5TE4
KerrvilleKerrville Municipal AirportKERV
KilleenHood Aaf AirportKHLR
KilleenRobert Gray Aaf AirportKGRK
KilleenSkylark Field AirportKILE
KingslandKingsland Estates AirportTS18
KingsvilleKingsville Nas AirportKNQI
KingsvilleKleberg County AirportKIKG
KirbyvilleKirbyville AirportKT12
Knox cityHarrison Field Of Knox Ci AirportKF75
KountzeHawthorne Field AirportK45R
KressJoe Vaughn Spraying Airport29F
KrumAir Cowboy Field AirportTE58
KrumEagle S Landing Airport2TX8
La gloriaPuesta Del Sol Airport08TS
La grangeFayette Regional Air Ctr AirportK3T5
La porteLa Porte Municipal AirportKT41
La pryorChaparrosa Ranch Airport72TE
La pryorWestwind Ranch AirportTE83
LagartoArrowhead Airport79TE
LajitasLajitas Intl Airport89TE
LamesaLamesa Muni AirportK2F5
LampasasLampasas AirportKLZZ
LancasterLancaster AirportKLNC
LaredoLaredo Intl AirportKLRD
LaredoRachal Airport8XS2
LaredoRancho Blanco AirportTE32
LaredoSanta Maria Ranch Airport0TE5
LeakeyLewis Ranch AirportXA31
LeakeyPrade Ranch Airport57TE
LeakeyReal County AirportK49R
LeanderKittie Hill Airport77T
LeanderLago Vista Tx - Rusty All AirportK5R3
LevellandLevelland Muni AirportKLLN
LexingtonLexington Airfield AirportTE75
LibertyLiberty Muni AirportKT78
LittlefieldLittlefield Municipal AirportKLIU
LivingstonLivingston Muni AirportK00R
LlanoLlano Muni AirportKAQO
LockhartLockhart Muni AirportK50R
LockneySherman AirportTS39
Lone starLone Star Steel Company Airport4TE0
LongviewEast Texas Rgnl AirportKGGG
LubbockLubbock Intl AirportKLBB
LubbockReese Airpark Airport8XS8
LubbockTown Country Airpark AirportKF82
LubbockYoakum County AirportKF98
LufkinAngelina County AirportKLFK
MadisonvilleMadisonville Muni AirportK51R
MansfieldCharles R Johnson AirportKT05
MarathonIron Mountain Ranch Airport5TE5
MarathonMaravillas Gap Ranch Airport48XS
MarathonMayhew Ranch Nr 1 Airport93TE
MarathonPitcock Rosillos Mountain Ranch Airport09TS
MarathonStovall Ranch Nr 4 Airport6TX9
Marble fallsSlaughter Ranch Airport86TA
MarfaAlta Vista Ranch Airport0TA7
MarfaMarfa Muni AirportKMRF
MarfaRawls Ranch Airport5TE1
MarlinMarlin AirportKT15
MarquezMorris Lazy K Ranch AirportTA23
MarshallHarrison County AirportKASL
MasonMason County AirportKT92
Matagorda islandAransas National Wildlife Refuge AirportXS10
MaypearlBee Creek Airport34TE
Mc cameyUpton County AirportKE48
Mc clendon-chisholmLagrone Ranch Airport19TA
Mc kinneyAero Country AirportT31
Mc kinneyDrewery Airport6TX3
Mc leanMc Lean Gray County AirportK2E7
McallenMc Allen Miller Intl AirportKMFE
MckinneyCollin County Regl AirportKTKI
MedinaCinco B Ranch Airport87XS
MedinaIdlewild AirportXS11
MemphisMemphis Muni AirportKF21
MenardMenard County AirportKT50
MertzonCreekside Airport03XS
MesquiteMesquite Metro AirportKHQZ
MexiaMexia-limestone Co AirportKLXY
MiamiMiami-roberts County AirportK3E0
MiamiWillis N Clark Airport5TE8
MidlandMabee Ranch Airport7TX5
MidlandMidland Airpark AirportKMDD
MidlandMidland Int L AirportKMAF
MidlandSkywest Inc AirportK7T7
MidlothianEagle S Nest Estates Airport2TS6
MidlothianMid-way Rgnl AirportKJWY
MilanoHensley Ranch AirportXS17
MillicanTom J Moore Farm AirportXS18
MineolaMineola Wisener Field AirportK3F9
MineolaWood County AirportKJDD
Mineral wellsMineral Wells AirportKMWL
MissionMoore Field Airport7TE7
MonahansRoy Hurd Memorial AirportKE01
Mont belvieuSlack Airport4TX0
MorganDiamond Seven Ranch Airport43TA
Mount pleasantGlover AirportXS70
Mount pleasantMount Pleasant AirportKOSA
Mount vernonFranklin County AirportF53
Mountain homeDos Arroyos Ranch AirportXS20
MuleshoeLocker Brothers Airport1TE0
MuleshoeMuleshoe Municipal AirportK2T1
MullinSmoky Bend AirportTA24
MullinVaughan Ranch AirportTA89
MundayMunday Muni AirportK37F
NacogdochesA L Mangham Jr Regional AirportKOCH
NavasotaNavasota Muni AirportK60R
New berlinHeritage Airfield AirportTE86
New braunfelsNew Braunfels Muni AirportKBAZ
New gulfNew Gulf AirportKT17
New waverlyEstates Airpark AirportXS09
NewgulfStigler Muni AirportKF84
NewtonNewton Muni AirportK61R
NoconaNocona AirportKF48
OakwoodCarter Ranch Airport89TS
OdessaBates Field Airport71TA
OdessaOdessa-schlemeyer Field AirportKODO
OlneyOlney Muni AirportKONY
OltonDel-tex AirportTS42
OrangeOrange County AirportKORG
Orange groveOrange Grove Nalf AirportKNOG
OzonaOso Canyon AirportXA49
OzonaOzona Muni AirportKOZA
OzonaPerry Ranch Airport4TA8
PaducahDan E Richards Muni AirportK3F6
PaducahWilson Airport49XS
PalaciosPalacios Muni AirportKPSX
PalestinePalestine Muni AirportKPSN
Palo pintoSportsman S World AirportTA65
PampaMesa Vista Ranch AirportTX13
PampaPerry Lefors Field AirportKPPA
PanhandlePanhandle-carson County AirportKT45
ParisCox Fld AirportKPRX
PawneeSan Christoval Ranch AirportXS71
PearsallMc Kinley Field AirportKT30
Pecos cityPecos Muni AirportKPEQ
PeoriaBarnstormer AirportTE99
PerrytonPerryton Ochiltree County AirportKPYX
Pine springsTriangle Ranch Private Airport2TA3
PinelandPineland Muni AirportKT24
PlainviewHale County AirportKPVW
PlainviewQuarterway Airport7TA3
PleasantonPleasanton Muni AirportKPEZ
Port aransasMustang Beach AirportKRAS
Port isabelCameron County AirportKPIL
Port lavacaCalhoun County AirportKPKV
Port lavacaTanner S Airport9TE4
Port o'connorPierce Field Airport72TA
PorterWilliams AirportK9X1
PostBeggs Ranch Airport9TX6
PostPost-garza County Muni AirportK5F1
PowderlyPowderly Airport48TE
PoynorPickle Plantation AirportXS91
Premont4-g Ranch AirportXS50
PremontSeeligson Ranch AirportXS51
PremontWeeks Airport8TX8
PresidioBig Bend Ranch State Park Airport3TE3
PresidioCibolo Creek Ranch AirportTS15
PresidioPresidio Lely Intl AirportKT77
ProgresoProgreso AirportTS05
PurdonRainbow Field Airport83TA
QuanahQuanah Muni AirportKF01
QuemadoHughes Ranch Airport50XS
RallsCone Airport30TE
RealitosO S Wyatt Airport14TS
RefugioMellon Ranch AirportXS59
RefugioRooke Field AirportKRFG
ReklawFlying M Ranch Airport7TA7
RhomeFairview Airport7TS0
RhomeRhome Meadows AirportT76
Richland springsDeep Creek Ranch AirportXS61
Rio frioCasey Three Ranch AirportXS62
Rio grande cityRio Grande City Muni AirportK67R
RoanokeNorthwest Regional AirportK52F
Robert leeRobert Lee AirportK54F
RobstownHigh Man Tower Airstrip AirportTE62
RobstownNueces County AirportKRBO
RockdaleH H Coffield Regional AirportKRCK
RockportAransas Co AirportKRKP
RockportSan Jose Island AirportXS67
RockspringsEdwards County AirportK69R
RockspringsFour Square Ranch Airport3TA0
RockwallPhillips Flying Ranch AirportT48
RockwallRockwall Muni AirportKF46
RomayorF R Duke Farm AirportXS72
RosankyDouble D Ranch AirportXS73
RosenbergLane Airpark AirportKT54
RosharonBb Airpark AirportTE88
RosharonMeyer Field AirportTA33
RosharonSongbird Ranch Airport91TS
Rotan/robyFisher County AirportK56F
Round mountainMoursund Ranch Airport71TE
Round mountainWest Ranch AirportXS75
Royce cityBishop Field Airport68TS
SabinalK Bar Ranch Airport83TE
SaladoSalado Airport73TA
Salt flatBig Tank Ranch Airport76TE
San angeloDucote Airpark AirportTS65
San angeloMathis Field AirportKSJT
San angeloReece Field Airport94TA
San AntonioBoerne Stage Field AirportK5C1
San AntonioCamp Bullis Als Cals Airport9TX5
San AntonioKelly Afb AirportKSKF
San AntonioRandolph Afb AirportKRND
San AntonioSan Antonio Intl AirportKSAT
San AntonioStandard Industries Airport22TA
San AntonioStinson Muni AirportKSSF
San augustineFairway Farm Airport86TS
San augustineSan Augustine County AirportK78R
San marcosSan Marcos Muni AirportKHYI
San patricioSan Patricio Intl Airport68TX
San sabaSan Saba County Muni AirportK81R
San ygnacioCorralitos AirportXS94
SangerLane Fld Airport58F
Santa elenaDiamond O Ranch AirportXS93
Santa elenaSan Rafael Ranch Airport38XS
Santa teresa/el pasoCielo Dorado Estates AirportTA50
SeadriftWhatley Flying Service Airport8TA1
SeagravesSeagraves AirportKF97
SealyLongbird Airport93TS
SeguinHuber Airpark Civic Club Llc AirportE70
SeguinRandolph Afb Aux AirportKSEQ
SeminoleGaines County AirportKGNC
SeminoleHamilton Aircraft Inc Airport5TA0
SeminoleSeminole Spraying Service Airport39TE
SeymourSeymour Municipal AirportK60F
ShamrockShamrock Muni AirportK2F1
SheffieldCanon Ranch Airport9TX9
SheffieldSmokey Mtn Ranch Airport09TX
SheridanGalaxy Ranch Airport72TS
ShermanSherman Muni AirportKSWI
Sherman-denisonNorth Texas Regional AirportKGYI
SilvertonSilverton Muni Airport79XS
SintonSan Patricio County AirportKT69
SlatonKitten Farm Private Airport9XS5
SlatonSlaton Muni AirportKF49
SlidellAkroville AirportXA68
SmileyJoye Ranch AirportTS22
SmithvilleSmithville Crawford Muni AirportK84R
SnyderWinston Field AirportKSNK
SonoraCanyon Ranch AirportTE37
SonoraJohn Fields Ranch Airport0XS2
SonoraSonora Muni AirportKSOA
SpearmanSpearman Municipal AirportKE42
SpicewoodFlying X River Ranch Airport8TA3
SpicewoodSpicewood AirportK88R
SpoffordAnacacho Ranch Airport0XS7
SpoffordDunbar Ranch Airport0XS8
SpoffordFrontier Airport55XS
SpoffordLaughlin Afb Aux Nr 1 AirportKT70
Spring branchDouble U Ranch Airport1XS0
SpringtownEugene S Dream Airport6XS7
StamfordArledge Field AirportKF56
StantonStanton Muni AirportK63F
StephenvilleClark Field Muni AirportKSEP
StephenvilleKimzey Airport17TX
Sterling cityMc Entire S Lazy V Ranch Airport58XS
StockdaleBailey Airport2TS8
StratfordPronger Bros Ranch Airport3E7
StratfordStratford Field AirportKH70
StreetmanByrt Airport5XS9
SudanFairview Field AirportXA05
SugarlandSugarland Regional AirportKSGR
Sulphur springsSulphur Springs Muni AirportKSLR
SunrayColdwater Ranch Airport6TE4
SunraySunray AirportKX43
SweetwaterAvenger Field AirportKSWW
TahokaT-bar AirportK2F4
TaylorTaylor Muni AirportKT74
TeagueTeague Muni AirportK68F
TempleDraughon-miller AirportKTPL
TempleWoody Mc Clellan Ranch Airport19TX
Terlingua /alpine/Terlingua Airport3TE8
TerrellTerrell Muni AirportKTRL
The grove/ranchThe Grove Ranch Airport23TX
Three riversBeefmaster S Best Airport1XS9
ThrockmortonThrockmorton Muni AirportK72F
ThurberThurber Lake Airport24TX
TildenArrowhead Ranch AirportTE63
TiogaBridges Field Airport53TS
ToyahvaleSeven Springs Airport16TA
TrentonTri-county Aerodrome Airport48TX
TuliaCity Of Tulia Swisher AirportKQ06
TylerTyler Pounds Rgnl AirportKTYR
UncertainFly-n-fish Lodge AirportTA42
UtopiaUtopia On The River Airport5TX9
UvaldeBenson Airstrip Airport2XS8
UvaldeGarner Field AirportKUVA
Valley millsValley Mills Muni Airport9F1
Van hornCulberson County AirportKVHN
Van hornFigure 2 Ranch Airport88TA
VegaOldham County AirportKE52
VernonWilbarger County AirportKF05
VictoriaVictoria Regional AirportKVCT
WacoFlying Heart Ranch Airport70TE
WacoMc Gregor Executive AirportKPWG
WacoTstc Waco AirportKCNW
WacoWaco Regional AirportKACT
WallerKen Ada Ranch Airport3XS8
WallerPfeffer Son Farms Airport4XS0
WallerSkydive Houston Airport37X
Walnut springsFlat Top Ranch Airport74TE
WaxahachieAir Ranch Estates Airport60TA
WaysideMc Neill Ranch Airport6TE7
WellingtonMarian Airpark AirportKF06
WeslacoMid Valley AirportKT65
WhartonWharton Rgnl AirportKARM
WheelerWheeler Muni AirportKT59
WhitesboroU U Ranch AirportTA80
Wichita fallsKickapoo Downtown Airpark AirportKT47
Wichita fallsTom Danaher Airport7TX0
Wichita fallsWichita Municipal AirportKSPS
Wichita fallsWichita Valley AirportKF14
WiergateScrappin Valley Airport4XS5
Wills pointWills Point Muni AirportK76F
WinkWinkler County AirportKINK
WinnsboroWinnsboro Muni AirportKF51
WintersWinters Muni AirportK77F
WoodbineThree Acres Airport80XS
WoodvilleTyler County AirportK09R
YoakumYoakum Muni AirportKT85
ZapataJennings Ranch Airport23TE
ZapataZapata County AirportKT86
few clouds
humidity: 72%
wind: 10mph ENE
H 58 • L 57
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Texas Quick Info

Capital: Austin

Largest City: Houston


268,581[2] sq mi (696,241 km2)


25° 50′ N to 36° 30′ N


93° 31′ W to 106° 39′ W


28,304,596 (2017 est.)

Time zone

• most of state Central: UTC −6/−5

• El Paso, Hudspeth, and northwestern Culberson counties Mountain: UTC −7/−6

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