Factors to consider when chartering a private jet to a high traffic event

For over ten years now, public figures such as celebrities, athletes and fans have been using WPJC Jet Charters for transport to various destinations. We facilitate charter flights on private jets, and helicopters to various destinations and events. Having been in the industry for long, you can trust us to get you to your destination right on time.

During popular events such as Master’s tournament and the Super Bowl, demand for private jets increases drastically. It is advisable that you plan well early in advance to avoid any disappointments associated with the Last minute rush.

The following are some of the areas that you should look at:

  • Charter Flight Planning

Flying to a place where an important event is taking place can be a hustle. Getting the necessary landing permits and crew visas may take longer than normal because of the high traffic. The best thing to do to avoid such uncertainties is to book your private jets early enough. You could even do the booking a few weeks in advance to be on the safe side.

  • Airport Slots

Normally, private jets do not require departure and arrival time slots but this changes when the anticipated flight traffic is high. Since most airports never confirm airport slots early enough, it would be more convenient for you to book and confirm your departure and arrival time as early as one month before the event.

planes all lined up

  • Aircraft Parking

Aircraft parking area may be quite limited because of the many private jets landing in the airport. This means that your jet may not even get parking space while you attend the event and may be forced to move to a nearby airport. It is safer to prepare to incur additional charges for reposition of the aircraft and bear in mind that departure after the event may also have a little delay because of coordination.

  • Crew Duty Restrictions

It is a requirement, that pilots conduct flight operations during the 14-hour period. If you plan to attend the event and get home on the same day, then you have to make prior plans. Discuss the available options with your charter agent so that you are not forced to leave the event early

  • Hotels and local transport

During large events that attract many people, accommodation and local transport may become much of a problem because hotels rooms are usually fully booked. WPJC can assist in local transport arrangements but you need to arrange early enough to ensure you do not miss a room.

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