Controlled Airspace

What Is a Controlled Airspace?

Controlled airspace is any airspace that provides air traffic control (ATC) services. There are different classes of controlled airspace:

  • A – the airspace between about 18,000 feet to about 60,000 feet within the United States and Canada
  • B – the airspace around the busiest airports in the United States
  • C – the airspace around the moderately busy airports in the US
  • D – the airspace around any smaller airport with a functioning ATC tower
  • E – any airspace that’s not A-D and is usually from about 1,200 feet to about 18,000 feet
  • F – any airspace in Canada that is classified as special or restricted
  • G – usually any airspace below class E airspace (1,200 feet), but can include any airspace below 14,500 feet that doesn’t fit into class A – E

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