Coronavirus and how it could effect travel

The Coronavirus has been mainly contained in China and we have already seen Airlines completely shut down and travel restrictions enacted into China. This is the first time they have locked entire cities down in order to prevent the Virus from spreading.

The 2019-nCoV is an upper respiratory virus and thus far has proven to spread through the air. It is highly contagious and can spread without any symptoms even showing. So far the Virus has claimed over 1000 lives.

Fly Private to Avoid Coronavirus

Is it time to consider a private jet charter? With all the uncertainty surrounding this virus, I would take it into consideration. The advantages to private jet travel are numerous but I would say avoiding the crowds here is key. Having your own private jet assures that you and your family are not coming in contact with anyone infected.

Flying private allows you to pull your car right up to the plane and transfer. Avoid large airports and fly direct into municipal airports saving time to get to your final destination. There are many advantages to flying private but having the peace of mind that you are protected is priceless.

We are keeping a close eye on this Pandemic and we are here to assist. Our emergency response team is always on alert and ready to evacuate you and your loved ones. We can have you wheels up in four hours or less in most parts of the world. Our private jet emergency response team has experience in evacuation and retrieval. Exclusive Private Jets is a worldwide charter company with access to over 5000 aircraft worldwide.

If you’re traveling international and you find yourself in a dire situation give us a call.

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