The announcement of the Falcon 8X business jet at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition has lead to a developing interest from users, customers, and also, investors.


Source : Dassaultfalcon (Dot) com


The falcon 8x has high functions with short field capabilities, it has successfully been able to tackle some of the challenges of aircrafts and having the ability to get into short and tricky runways.

What is the Falcon Eye?

Falcon Eye

Source : Dassaultfalcon (Dot) com

The falcon eye is a display system which combines four features into one. The four features include; synthetic, database-driven terrain mapping, actual thermal and low-light camera images matched into a single view. Falcon eye which is also referred to as Dassault Aviation’s Combined Vision System provides an unprecedented level of situational level of consciousness to the flight team in all fettle of operational activities. Falcon eye has already been approved by European Aviation Safety Agency and so also, the Federal Aviation Agency for use on the Falcon 2000S and LXS twinjet aircraft. So, therefore, it is highly predictable that falcon eye will be confirmed soon on the new Falcon 8X business. Dassault delivered the first Falcon 8X on the 5th of October 2016 to Greek business aviation operator, Amjet Executive. In the additional promise of falcon eye into the Falcon 8X’s systems, the falcon eye has itself gone up higher in the close order of private business jets.

What are the features of falcon eye?

Single view advantage

The falcon eye has a special distinct feature, it is the first display system to match synthetic, database-driven terrain mapping, actual thermal and low-light camera images into a single view.

Multi-sensor camera

The falcon eye is equipped or furnished with a fourth-generation multi-sensor camera that produces high definition images close to those on a military FLIR.

SVS function

The falcon’s eye SVS function will generate a level of vision or sight quality comparable to that of the most sophisticated fighter HUDs, which leads to a substantial development in situational consciousness and safety of the flight,” this statement was issued by Philippe Rebourg, the pilot for Dassault aviation test.

EVS function

The product EVS function makes possible the operational credits for bad weather which approaches with 100 feet minimums which also provide substantial operational benefit to the operators.

The synthetic vision system (SVS) and the Enhanced vision system (EVS) capable in all types of operating services, like snow, fog, mist and other intense or harsh weather was demonstrated by Falcon Eye having completed an exhaustive two-year development, flight test and simulator campaign in April, which was introduced in 2015. The Falcon 8X flies any destination faster courtesy to its three engines, which shorten transoceanic route, so also, they are responsible for its slow and stable approach speed. They are very useful at locations like London City Airport because of its three-engine performance whose margins allow takeoffs from shorter runways.

The 8X’s cabin which is the most quiet cabin in its class, has overall design enhancements and so also, it is fuel efficient.

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