Anyone around the world will tell you that food is serious business – a source of happiness, even. However, when you’re flying on a commercial plane, many find the options to be lackluster or disappointing. But when you’re flying private, the options are limitless. Take a look at some top benefits of being able to choose your own menu on a private flight.

Maintaining Your Health

Many of those who fly commercial have looked at their meals wrapped in tin foil and desperately searched for anything that’s green. On a private jet charter, however, when you’re planning your own menu, you have the ability to ensure that your meals all meet your health standards. Choose the bounty of fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy proteins, and energizing carbohydrates that you need to stay fulfilled and healthy.

Indulging in Your Favorite Meals

Flying private is often a staple of luxury, and food is no exception to the rule. Are you a sucker for a fresh, juicy surf and turf meal? How about a seafood feast? A private flight with catering or specially-planned meal service can ensure that you’re dining like the king or queen that you are, while you’re flying like the king or queen that you are.

Avoiding Food Allergies

Those with extreme food allergies have no wiggle room when it comes to making sure that their meal and the meals of those around them are safe for their health. This is a key benefit of flying private. Have a peanut allergy? A private jet will allow to ensure that not only will you be exposed to your neighbor eating in-flight snack peanuts – they won’t even be on the flight!

Knowing What to Expect

Instead of living in mystery until your meal appears before you, flying private and choosing your meals will allow you to know exactly what to expect with no surprises. Whatever you’re in the mood for can be delivered, without having to wonder if the food is of questionable quality.

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