Why Fly Private with Your Sports Team?

Flying with a sports team can be a little tough. The equipment and uniforms take up luggage space, the team is likely to be larger than your average traveling group, and the travel time is probably not going to line up with your average commercial flight. Rather than foot the bill to purchase a private jet, however, there are many advantages to flying private with a jet charter agency.

You Choose the Flight Schedule

Games often end late at night and sometimes there is another game the very next day that necessitates immediate travel. A private jet charter will accommodate the flight schedule that you provide. If games run over and the flight has to be delayed, the aircraft will also wait. This is not service that you could receive on a commercial flight.

Catered Meals Can Be Specific

When you are traveling frequently throughout the season, you want your players to be in tip-top shape. Having to rely on the food provided by commercial airlines can allow your players to get off track or to arrive hungry to games. Private jet charter agencies will follow your specifications and make sure that your team is well fed while in flight. This can be a huge motivator for the team, as well.

Transportation Can Be Arranged

Finding or arranging transportation when traveling from city to city can be rough, but is necessary when your team is flying commercial or even when you are traveling using a team jet. A private jet charter agency can take care of transportation needs, arranging for the team to be brought right to the plane for departure and taking the team to the hotel or venue as needed upon arrival at a destination.

The Accommodations Are Luxurious

When flying private, your team will be able to enjoy luxurious accommodations. A private jet charter agency will be sure to book a plane that is large enough to allow the team to stretch out a little and have plenty of room to relax. Depending on the duration of the flight, there may be some sleeping accommodations available on the plane so that the team will arrive well rested.

Additionally, there may be a boardroom style table that can be used to talk about upcoming game strategies and other team matters. This can give the team a leg up upon arrival, as the details will still be fresh.

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