Flying private has many advantages. There is often talk of what you do get when you fly private, but what you don’t get may actually be the deciding factor for some. Most of the headaches that come with commercial flying simply disappear when you fly private. The following are just a few of the things that you don’t have to deal with when you fly private.

Airport Terminal Chaos

Most airports require you to arrive two hours before your flight leaves in order to get through the security lines. If you also have to get boarding passes, the time spent at the airport can be rushed and very stressful. The lines can be long, the other passengers and even the workers can be impatient and pushy. Flying private means skipping all of this. While you will have to be searched and show I.D. before boarding, you will not have to wait in line or try to navigate through large areas filled with people.

Screaming Children – Including Your Own

Flying on an airplane can be scary for children and sitting still in a small corner can be tedious. For these reasons, children often cry during flights. This can be bothersome to other passengers and embarrassing for parents. Flying private gives you more freedom to set your child up with their favorite movie, hold your child comfortably when he or she is scared, and provide more entertainment and comfort. If you don’t have children, flying private means you skip the hassle of hearing the crying and fussing.

Missing Your Flight

When you arrive at the airport late for a commercial flight, you generally have to pay for a new flight as the plane will not wait on just a few passengers. You may have to wait hours for the next plane that is going to your destination, or even book and come back another day. Private charter flights wait for passengers if they are late. This can save a lot of time, money, and headaches.

Cramped Conditions

The seats on commercial flights are usually just big enough to hold one person. Leg room is practically nonexistent and you are forced into a corner with other people that you don’t know. On a private flight, there is much more room and you are only flying with people that you know. You can sprawl out and work or enjoy leisure time.

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