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Private jet charter is to rent an entire aircraft bought by a single customer or a business travel company, having its own private pilot which lets you be the superior to lead the flight timetable and preferred flight schedule; as if it is your own. It offers the convenience with an exceptional and extraordinary great service that would accommodate the demand of each passenger according to their specific needs.

Choosing a full-service jet charter provides a wonderful and luxurious experience while traveling. Here are some reasons why:

  • Companies and Business Executives

    would prefer to choose private jet charter with the major reason of saving time booking the flight with flexible availability and affordable cost. Private aircraft users save time driving to airports with the inconvenience of going through inspection of baggage and security examination; with stopover waiting time period for the next connecting flight to the destination, and reclaiming luggage.

This also improves the company’s image; especially when finalizing major business deals efficiently. Doing so will enhance the success of important meetings, as each individual’s ideas will be given attention, knowing that it is being conducted privately; as it is more quiet, calm, and gives each person to completely focus on the topic.


    • Group/family oriented travels

      are also being accommodated according to your preference by just requesting for specifics on the service and amenities desired. For a family with kids and pets, they can provide and arrange an aircraft that will be comfortable for the kids’ safety and for pets to move freely while on a flight. At the same time, if you enjoy having a cigar, cigarette or pipe you can arrange an aircraft which allows you to smoke while on a flight. Overall, you can focus on creating great and unforgettable memories for the whole journey, not worrying when to reach the destination, as the travel time is part of the leisure itself.


    • Jet Charter vs. Commercial Airlines 

      Commercial Airline is the very common flight people normally book according to the specific schedule of the airline. Customers need to abide by all the limitations, rules and regulations under airline general policies. When it comes to additional services, the extra fees add up to your load; whether it’s for food, extra pillow, excess baggage, etc.

    For jet charters, you do not have to waste your time and money for this stuff, since the whole trip will be designed according to your needs. Less hassle, more enjoyable moments! Book your dream vacation or anticipated business trip with West Palm Jets by calling 1-888-507-8582 for inquiries or request for a free quote at https://westpalmjetcharter.com/request-a-quote/.

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