“Farther. Faster. Higher. Advanced design and innovations that are changing the light jet category.”

Has the thought of owning a private jet appealed to you? There are certainly a lot of things you can do with the convenience of riding a comfortable, classy and luxurious private jet such as the HondaJet.This top performing private jet will pamper its passengers throughout the entire flight, leaving them refreshed and ready to jumpstart on their destination. Safety, security and sophisticated style are at the marks of the HondaJet as it boasts of impressive features such as a clean sheet design, faster cruise, top-of-the-line innovation, higher flight levels, lesser noise, and more fuel efficiency. Obtaining your own private jet gives you the satisfaction that all hard work is not wasted. However, do you have any idea what type of jet would be worth paying for?

First-time buyers are sold-out to purchasing the HondaJet because of its incredible qualities including:

Cost-Efficient Features

HondaJet’s estimated price of $4.5 million dollars is worth your private travel investment because of its robust capacity to takeoff at 4,000 feet and land at 3,050 feet. It can also climb up to 3,990 feet per minute. What’s more is its range performance can take you further at 1,223 nautical miles and swiftly at a cruise speed of 422 Knots True Air Speed and a cruise altitude of 43,000 feet to fly above air traffic. Flying with less noise has also been one of the reasons why frequent private jet flyers prefer the HondaJet because that means they can concentrate more on relaxing and working on board without interruptions. The jet can operate even with only one pilot but has an extra second seat for a co-pilot and can fit up to 4 passengers, a good deal for shorter trips across different states.

A Refined Design You’ll Love

Cabin space is definitely a top quality of the Honda Jet with executive multi-axis seats that enables more legroom with a few adjustments and an optional fifth seat on the side plus a cargo space of 66 cubic feet to easily store and access your baggage at any time.

Single Controls At The Palm Of Your Hand

One can definitely sit back and relax with the help of HondaJet’s mobile application to control items in your cabin like audio, temperature and electrochromic window shades.

Better Innovation

Owning a private jet such as this has its offers aerodynamic technologies which allow the aircraft to fly miles and miles of airspace compared to commercial aircraft. It also contributes to the environment because of its quiet interior and. The reason for this modification is due to the addition of the Over-The-Wing Engine Mount configuration which makes possible a quieter interior sound and ground noise. The engines are mounted about the wings, leaving the cabin much quieter than a standard jet.

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