When using an Orlando jet charter for your business trip, it is entirely possible to put your travel time to good use and conduct a meeting while in the air. In-flight business meetings on a private charter can be pretty much the same as boardroom meetings because there are no other passengers to worry about and the accommodations are comfortable and not distracting. However, a few tips may make the meeting a little smoother.

Communicate About the Meeting in Advance

The employees that will be traveling are bound to be a little nervous about the trip and the meeting, so ease their worries by providing a thorough rundown of how the meeting will go and what will be expected. Include information about expected dress, meal breaks, and a play-by-play of what will be discussed in the meeting and how that information will translate to expectations upon arrival.

in-flight meeting

Make the Meeting As Productive As Possible

The fact that you are in flight may divert the employees’ attention at times, so try to make the subject matter concise and interesting. Plan the meeting in a similar fashion to any meeting that you would plan on the ground, but be sure to focus specifically on what will be expected after reaching the destination. Whenever possible, address employees directly regarding their roles to keep them on their toes.

Secure Paperwork and Electronics

Since you will be in flight, you may possibly hit turbulence or experience some shifting during the business meeting.  Make sure that any paperwork or charts that you will be handing out or presenting with are secured or can be secured easily. Make sure that your electronics are not in danger of sliding and becoming broken if you hit any rough patches. If you do hit rough patches, keep in mind that some employees may weather the turbulence better than others and allow breaks.

Cut It Short to Let the Employees Enjoy the Flight

Orlando jet charters are luxurious, so make sure to allot time for your employees to enjoy the lavish accommodations while they can. Depending on the duration of the flight and the timing, try to schedule your catered meal to take place after the meeting is over. This will make the employees feel rewarded and allow them to relax and mentally prepare for the tasks ahead.

To schedule your business trip and in-flight meeting, call West Palm Jet Charter today and work with a representative to book your perfect plane and flight.

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