9 years after launching the original Phenom 300 jet, Embrear Executive Jets has unveiled its new and improved Phenom 300E. Since its introduction in 2009, the Phenom 300 has become one of the hottest selling jets in the world. In fact, since 2013, Embraer says the Phenom has been the most delivered business jets in the world with more than 400 samples being delivered to customers in almost 40 countries.


Image by : Embraer Executive Jets


Embraer interior design boss Jay Beever completely revamped the plane’s cabin to give passengers more room and greater luxury. With the 300E, Beever worked to balance luxury, utility, and technology. The Phenom 300E has a noticeably different cabin to the earlier model. Inflight entertainment is hidden in what Embraer is calling a tech panel. But customers will perhaps most notice the extra space in the aisle. It has a divan and a galley at the back of the cabin and also a lavatory with complete toilet and sink.  It has larger gold stitched seats with retractable armrests, an improved cabin-management, and in-flight entertainment system. The inflight-entertainment system is contained in a panel that runs along the center line of the aircraft’s ceiling and includes two 7-inch swing-down displays. Also, it is equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi that keeps passengers connected to the ground at all times.


The Phenom300E has a best-in-class performance; it can take-off from challenging airports at high elevations and hot temperatures. Fuel consumption is excellent and its operating cost is quite low. It also has a redefined aerodynamic design. It is fitted with two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E turbofan engines that power the aircraft, producing 3,360 pounds of thrust each. The aircraft has the same range and high cruising speed as its predecessor: 2,270 miles and 521 mph. the cockpit is as well equipped with a Prodigy Touch Flight Deck running Garmin 3000 avionics.

Every component of the Phenom 300E has been wisely designed, and it is not just the cabin that offers unprecedented space, the cockpit has also been designed with a human factors philosophy and this jet has the largest refreshment center, baggage capacity, and windows in its class. This jet would simply not let you down.

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