Why You Need a Jet Charter Broker

Private jet charter has long been the gold standard in flying and this is not expected to change anytime soon. Up until recently, however, private jet charter has only been realistic for a small portion of the population – the richest of the rich. Now that private jet charter is becoming more widely used and more available there is a push to “uberize.” While apps are available, the complexities of the market and the booking process open up many advantages to using a charter broker over an app.

Coordinating the Flight

Coordinating the flight may not seem to be that much of an issue, but there are a lot of considerations. Some jet owners that make their planes available may wish to only have their jets used for longer flights, so you may not have access to all of the planes that seem to be available in an area. Some plane owners may also have specifications on certain issues, such as whether kids or pets can fly. An app may skip all these details so that you come into problems later, while a charter broker will be able to iron out the kinks for you.

Picking the Right Plane

The perfect plane for any given trip may vary based on many factors. The size of the plane will have to accommodate the number of travelers and the duration of the trip. There may also be luggage considerations. Private jets are only able to handle so much weight and the luggage area may be small, which may not work if you will be traveling with instruments, sports equipment, or large quantities of luggage for any reason.

Additionally, you may wish to travel on a certain type of jet. A jet charter broker can take all of your information and needs and work with local jet owners to make sure that the plane that is selected fits your needs and preferences exactly. With an app, there is likely to be some detail missed that may compromise the efficiency or comfort of your trip.

Arranging for Special Requests

Special catering requests, shuttle service to the aircraft, specific games or movies, and particular newspapers are just a handful of the special requests that jet charter brokers may help to fulfill. An app will not be able to provide the personal touch that a charter broker will when speaking to you about the things that will make your trip special and wonderful. Jet charter brokers will be able to make recommendations and get everything exactly right.

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