Jet Charter Broker

What Does a Jet Charter Broker Do?

A jet charter broker is a company or an agency that arranges charters (both leasing and purchasing) for clients with charter operators around the world in order to take clients where they want to go. While the charter operator’s job is to fly the aircraft, the charter broker’s role is to arrange the air travel services on behalf of the clients. Using a charter broker is advantageous for passengers because the broker will have access to multiple air carriers and will have better access to a much greater number of planes, services, and flights that best suit the client’s needs. This results in better prices for the client because the broker has access to a wider variety of planes and schedules. Brokers act as a buffer between clients and operators, thus helping to prevent fraud and overcharging. Brokers can also source the closest qualified plane for a particular flight and have no membership or hidden fees.

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