Jet Upgrade With The 2020 Compliance


Private jet charter services take off to a new level as aircraft owners and buyers make way for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 2020 Compliance rule requiring them to operate with an ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) Out system in class A airspace. The FAA also issued an Airworthiness Directive (AD) that will require the replacement LPTI rotor assemblies in TFE731-4 and TFE731-5 engines.

The 2020 compliance will take full effect on January 1, 2020 for the ADS-B Out requirement and October 20, 2020 for the AD, but aircraft owners and buyers have already started to calculate costs and upgrade aircraft models with Honeywell TFE731 engines, such as the earlier versions of Dassault Falcon and Cessna Citation private jets.

While this massive change means big adjustments in budget and installation, private jet charter providers can rest assured of greater mileage in their day-to-day aircraft operations because of the awesome benefits that both the ADS-B Out system and the upgraded engine rotors will bring. However, these upgrades need careful planning and an extensive timeline, so aircraft owners and buyers should start learning about and planning the installation of ADS-B Out and engine rotor replacements now to avoid procrastination and high pricing.

Benefits of ADS-B System

The ADS-B Out system will help improve tracking with the use of satellite signals. This new technology will benefit pilots, aircrafts and airports alike as it introduces a safer and more efficient method of navigation compared to ground radar. This unique technology allows pilots to see other aircraft in the sky the same way controllers do. Areas with no radar coverage can also be monitored using ADS-B Out. It’s a big advantage for pilots to see the location of the aircraft especially in heavy rainfall and at night to prevent any aircraft collisions.

AD and its Benefits

The AD which was issued in 2012 was created out of a report on the separation of the rim of LPTI rotor assemblies. This rule aims to prevent major aircraft issues such as engine failure, disk separation and other damages to the aircraft.

Wise Steps To Take

According to the FAA, total fleet cost of aircraft models affected by these new rules would amount up to $35 million yearly, so it’s ideal to be backed with an Engine Assurance Program (EAP), rather than spending out of one’s own pockets. Aside from this, it helps to get the right ADS-B Out installation from accredited providers in order to protect the value of your investment.

Getting more info and updates about the 2020 Compliance is also necessary for private jet charter providers. Visit the FAA website for a complete list of requirements and processes.

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