If you are planning to use a private Jet Charter service for your next holidays, it’s only logical to have some questions, especially with so many private jet companies in the market, choosing the right one for you can be a time-consuming mission.

As good luck would have it, you can break down every single one of these companies (or at least the most important ones) and compare all the pros and cons between them, and make a sound decision that would satisfy your flying needs.

By having all this information, you will be better suited to make a wise decision and assuring you and your flying party to get all the benefits necessary from the Private Charter you’ve selected.

Here is a sample of the major players out there in the Private Charter game, that would hopefully help you choose the right one for you.

JetSmarter, NetJets, and JetSuite are some of the main companies on the web out on the market, so let’s have a look at what they have to offer you for your next holiday flight.


Founded in 2012 by Sergei Petrossov in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Is an online private jet members club that gives its members free flights as well as discounts on private jet charters through their JetShuttle program.

JetSmarter gains major fame for many reasons, but most notably from their A-List investors, The Royal-Saudi Family, Jay Z, Goldman Sachs and Wayne Chang.

JetSmarter offer three different types of services for its customers

Regular Charter: Due to JetSmarter agreements with various operators they can offer cheaper rates to its members. You can use the App and book your flight simply and quickly.

Empty Legs: JetSmarter members have the option to book flights for free when an aircraft needs to change location from one place to another to operate the next flight.

JetShuttle Flights: In the U.S. you can fly for free from one cost to another one you’ve become a member. They operate in all the major cities in the U.S, Europe and the Middle East.

Joining JetSmarter costs $15.000 for the first year. An annual fee of $11.000 and a joining fee of $4.000

Pros: Rapid service, reliable pricing, flexible flight options, ample customer support.

Cons: Crowded flights, Minimal client screening, poor customer service and expensive membership fees.


Is a private charter company establish in 1964 which makes it one of the oldest private jet companies out there. Nowadays, NetJet has the largest private fleet in the World with over 700 aircrafts World Wide.

Much like JetSmarter, the company offers a series of programs suitable for its members, they are:

NetJets Shares: Meant for members who will use the service more than fifty hours per year. This plan offers members access to 13 different types of aircrafts.

NetJets Lease: Much like the Shares plan, with the exception that there is no acquisition fee and the minimum commitment is 24 months.

The Marquis Plan: This is the most flexible plan NetJets offers, meant for members you would the service between 25-50 hours per year.

Pros: Flexible membership options, a large selection of aircraft, skilled trained pilots and staff.

Cons: High memberships pricing, best suited for frequent flyers, unreliable schedule conflicts.


JetSuite is affiliated with JetBlue. It was founded in 2006 by Alex Wilcox, Brian Coulter, and Keith Rabin in Irvine, California.

JetSuites offers attention to detail, outstanding customer services, different membership options to create an exhilarating private jet travel experience you won’t forget.

While many other companies offer a couple of membership plans, JetSuites offers no more than 4 ranging from $50.000 to $400.000, each membership offers special printings, no hangar fees and no over overbilling.

Pros: high safety standards, well-maintained aircrafts, multiple routes from popular airports, more membership options.

Cons: Expensive flights, limited benefits for non-members, limited flight routes.

Hopefully, this will help you make a more conscious decision when planning your next holiday flight, and choose the company that will make your journey memorable.

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