Mobility limitations can make travel difficult. Just getting to the airport and boarding the plane can be a struggle if you are in a wheelchair, need a walker or crutches, or require assistance. Navigating lines and dealing with airport security can also be a hassle. Fortunately, taking a private jet charter can help you avoid many of these issues and have a more comfortable trip if you have mobility limitations.

Chauffeur Services

There is no need to worry about trying to find a ride to the airport when you take a private jet, you can easily arrange high quality chauffeur services that will take care of your every need. Make sure to let the agent know about any special requests or needs that you may have when you book the car service to your private jet charter. Car service will take you right from your house to the plane, so you don’t have to worry about trying to move through a bustling airport.

Boarding the Plane

After you get to the airport, security can clear you while you sit in the car. This is much more convenient than having to move through the invasive security lines at a commercial airport. Once you have been cleared, the flight crew can help you board the craft. If you prefer to board independently, stair chairs can be used to help you if you are in a wheelchair. The jet charter agency will make sure to set you up with a plane that has a wide enough entrance and an interior that will accommodate your needs.

Flying by Private Jet Charter

Once you have boarded the private jet, the hardest parts are out of the way and you can enjoy a luxurious trip to your destination. Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, a private jet is generally much more comfortable and accommodating than a commercial airplane. The increased legroom and special seating style make it not only possible but easy to get out of your seat when you wish. The car style seats and seatbelts provide extra security.

Special Needs and Requests

If you have oxygen or other medical equipment in addition to your mobility aids, the private jet charter agency will work on making sure everything is in order for you to take what you need. Be sure to check with a doctor before you leave so that you know that you are safe to fly and you can relay any messages about precautions or needs to the jet charter agency. Once everything is in order, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your trip will be smooth.

To book your jet charter flight today, call us and let us know about any mobility limitations or special needs that we can help with to ensure a fantastic flight.

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