Airbus ACJ319

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Private jets have always been a pillar of status and luxury for those who own them. With due cause – they’re a primary means of transportation around the globe for those who have important matters to tend to, whether they’re personal or professional. Take a look at some of today’s top models and what they have to offer for their owners and passengers.

Airbus ACJ319 Corporate Jet – $100 million

This jet rivals the Boring Business Jet collection, costing up to $100 million. This jet comes in two options, the “Elegance” and the “Elite.” These two variants have differing layouts to cater to your specific needs. For example, the Elegance variant lives up to its name, with a social lounge, cinema, meeting and office area, and dining room.

Gulfstream G50 – $65 million

Accommodating up to 18 people, this jet lets all of its guests live in the lap of luxury. Want options? You’ll have 12 floor plans to choose from. If you’re ever in doubt of its value, just ask Oprah Winfrey or director Peter Jackson, both of whom enjoy this model for themselves.

Dassault Falcon 7X – $65 million

This jet can accommodate 12 to 16 passengers, with floor plans including a dining area and showers. A notable celebrity owner of this beauty is Tyler Perry, who spent an impressive total $125 million in order to customize the interior – complete with a movie theater for himself and his passengers.

Boeing 737 – $60 million

The Boeing 737 Business Jet aims to impress, carrying up to 19 passengers and being able to cruise the skies for 12 hours before needing to refuel. Looking for a king size bed, en-suite bathroom, guest bedroom, stateroom, and even a fully-equipped kitchen? All this can be yours with some special additions.

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