Many times whenever we spot a private jet we tend to assume that it could probably be belonging to some celebrity or some rich man. However, the truth of the matter is that rarely do rich people privately own these jets but they are chartered and used for business as opposed to being used for luxury as most of us think.

The following are myths about private jets:

Only millionaires like Donald Trump can fly in a private jet

This is definitely a lie not unless you mean being the owner of that Boeing 757 that he owns and of course, that would be an unrealistic demand. According to the president of Jet Advisors Kevin O’Leary, a round trip can cost you as little as $6000. Charter costs for a light jet are $3000 per hour. With such prices, surely you do not have to be rich like Donald Trump to fly in a private jet.

You can actually get very affordable deals, like WPJC Deals, which can go as low as $500. You could even source aircraft from charter brokers, get five friends, and share the cost.

Nevertheless, if you still want to own your jet, you need only $500,000 and an extra $500,000 for annual operating costs.

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When bad weather forces commercial flights to cancel or delay, private jets are affected as well

Mark Lefever, president of Avjet confirms that this is also not true because private jets have a variety of many airports where they can quickly change plans and land as opposed to commercial flights whose options are quite limited. A private jet can file a fresh flight plan and thus does not need to cancel or incur any delays.

Private jets are not as safe as airlines

Lefever says that there have been more passenger fatalities on commercial flights than privet jets and charters but this does not mean that safety is compromised on any of them. In any case, the private jets are used by the owner and they only charter them out when not using them thus they make sure that they are maintained well.

Even if you fly private you still have to go through security and deal with TSA

The answer is no. when flying private you do not need to undergo all those security checks, body scanners, and metal detectors.

Commercial airlines fly faster than private jets

The fastest passenger jets in the sky are private. Private jets fly above the commercial jets and they have capabilities of flying above the weather.

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