With so many jet cards for business and leisure travel out there, you’ll want to select one that’s flexible for your budget and travel preferences. Fortunately, West Palm Jet Charter Services can provide you with the most flexible jet card program there is.

If you’re considering getting a West Palm Jets jet card for the first time, here’s a guide on what a West Palm Jets jet card is and how it can work for you:

West Palm Jets Jet Card Eligibility

You need to travel at least 25 hours in a year to maximize your jet card and have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months before its expiration date so your West Palm Jets flight team can process your jet card enrollment much faster.

West Palm Jets Jet Card Benefits

With a West Palm Jets jet card, you get benefits such as 25 hours of flight time with your choice of jet size and category, guaranteed availability in as little as 5 hours notice, freedom from membership fees and other policies, the highest safety standards and direct contact with a WPJC private jet advisor.

Another distinctive feature is that hourly rates are 10 – 30% lower than other national jet card programs, making it an intelligent choice for you. A 24/7 jet card advisor will also be at your service whenever you have questions or would like to opt for different routes. West Palm Jets also upholds Wyvern and Argus jet charter aircraft safety standards so you are secure wherever in the world you might want to be.

Factors That Affect Pricing in Traveling Using Jet Cards

Smaller private jets tend to have lower fees because of their small size and capacity to fly at shorter distances while the huge ones have higher fees because they can carry bigger loads and travel at longer distances.

Other factors to consider that affect pricing are:


This affects the total amount of time needed to reach your destination.


Flight advisors usually dispatch jets that are close to the departure area, so if it’s a larger aircraft that’s close to your point of origin, then that could result in higher pricing.

Airport Hours

Most airports operate on a 24/7 basis but smaller ones do have specific business hours, so in cases like these, the flight team may move to a larger airport, resulting in extra charges. We recommend flying during the day to lessen this type of charge.

Fuel Surcharge

Fuel surcharge also plays a big factor in pricing. The higher the fuel burn rate of your aircraft, the more fees will be included to compensate fuel for the entire trip.

Standby Fees

Standby fees for stopovers at airports and waiting time for passengers to arrive also need to be considered.

Aircraft Landing Rate

For landing and take off, corresponding fees are set by the airports. The larger the airport, the more expensive fees are.

Overnight Fees

For longer routes, there is a need to pay overnight fees for the flight crew to rest in a hotel. Crew lounges at airports usually cost around $800 while flight attendant fees are around $700-$1000.

Not to worry, though, because your flight team will inform of possible charges ahead of time so you are ensured that you are right on budget. Also, nothing compares to traveling on a private jet because of the luxury of time, space and comfort it gives you.

24/7 Jet Charter Service

EMAIL: info@westpalmjetcharter.com

Disclaimer: All Aircraft And Air Carriers Selected By West Palm Jets are fully Certified by The Federal Aviation Administration and The U.S. Department of Transportation under part 135 regulations. Carriers are Solely Responsible for The Air Transportation Arranged on Behalf Of West Palm Jets’ Clients. West Palm Jets Does not OWN or Operate Any Aircraft. West Palm Jets is not a direct or indirect Air carrier. All flights chartered through West Palm Jets are Operated by Part 135 Air Carriers.

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