Purchasing a corporate jet allows you the flexibility to schedule flights when you need them. Having access to an aircraft can open up business opportunities that may not be available if you have to take the time to schedule in advance. But what do you do if your aircraft is unavailable when you need it?

This is where West Palm Jet Charter can help, offering you a supplemental lift so that you’re able to complete your trip even when unexpected events prevent you from using your primary aircraft.

Why Would You Need a Supplemental Lift?

There are a few things that could happen to prevent you from using your aircraft when you need it.

Aircraft on Ground, or AOG, occurs when an unexpected mechanical issue makes it unsafe to operate the plane. Scheduled maintenance or refurbishing may also keep you from using your corporate jet when you need it.

If your company does business in many places simultaneously, you may need more than one aircraft to accommodate your business needs. If you need to take more people or schedule a longer flight than your aircraft can accommodate, you may also need to find a jet that better fits your immediate needs.

How Does a Supplemental Lift Work?

When you call for a supplemental lift, the charter agency immediately begins analyzing flights to figure out which flight will work best to fit your needs. Once a flight has been identified, the agency begins working with the airports that will be used in order to process the necessary paperwork as quickly as possible.

How Long Does a Supplemental Lift Take?

When you need a supplemental lift, you need it fast. West Palm Jet charter focuses on working through the details as quickly as possible to minimize any delays in your business. It generally takes about one hour to source an aircraft and complete the necessary paperwork. If a jet is in the area, the pilot and aircraft can often be ready to fly within two hours of the call.

West Palm Jet Charter’s best supplemental lift time to date was 45 minutes. While a mechanical recovery may not always work out quite this quickly, most flights can be in the air within four hours of the initial call.

Recovery Program

Enrolling in a recovery program ahead of time can help to ensure speedy service when a supplemental lift is needed. By providing your information ahead of time, you save processing time so that West Palm Jet Charter is free to focus on the most timely and necessary details to get you in the air quickly when you need a supplemental lift.

Safety as a Priority

While West Palm Jet Charter understands the timeliness required for supplemental lifts and mechanical recoveries, there is no compromise when it comes to safety. All vendors are pre-approved using Wyvern or Argus safety ratings, so you can rest assured that only the best pilots and safest aircraft will greet you for your supplemental lift.

To schedule your supplemental lift or find out more information about enrolling in our recovery program, call 1-561-693-3910.

Disclaimer: All Aircraft And Air Carriers Selected By West Palm Jets are fully Certified by The Federal Aviation Administration and The U.S. Department of Transportation under part 135 regulations. Carriers are Solely Responsible for The Air Transportation Arranged on Behalf Of West Palm Jets’ Clients. West Palm Jets Does not OWN or Operate Any Aircraft. West Palm Jets is not a direct or indirect Air carrier. All flights chartered through West Palm Jets are Operated by Part 135 Air Carriers.

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