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New England is a great summer vacation destination that is a must-see if you have not yet experienced all that these great states have to offer. The temperatures in New England throughout the summer are generally comfortable, staying in the 70s and 80s through the day and dropping to the 60s most nights. There are many convenient airports peppered throughout New England, so no matter where you wish to roam, your private jet charter can get you within a few miles easily.

There Are Festivals and Events Everywhere

Some of the events taking place in New England throughout this summer include:

  • Newport Kite Festival in Newport, Rhode Island July 9-10
  • Vermont Brewers’ Festival in Burlington, Vermont July 15-16
  • Casco Days in Casco Village, Maine July 28-30
  • Potato and Corn Festival in North Branford, Connecticut August 5-7
  • Annual Craftsmen Fair in Newbury, New Hampshire August 6-14
  • Provincetown Jazz Festival in Provincetown, Massachusetts August 11 and 15
  • Maine Wild Blueberry Festival in Union, Maine August 20-27

The Scenery Is Incredible

The scenery in New England is lush and green through the summer, with grass you can walk barefoot on and tons of flowers and wild berries to marvel at and enjoy. The wild life enjoys the weather just as much as we do, so you can witness many different types of birds, chipmunks, and other small adorable animals in their natural habitats. If you are a beach lover, the water is cool and refreshing and the sunsets are a sight to behold.

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