Challenger 650

Here are the top 5 benefits of chartering Challenger 650 on your next flight to Van Nuys.

Non-stop and reliable flights from Orlando to Van Nuys are made possible with private jet charter services via the advanced business aircraft—Challenger 650 from the Orlando Executive Airport.

Built for superior flight performance, the Challenger 650 is a long-range aircraft with a maximum reach of 4000 nautical miles and exceptional speed of 0.85 MACH. This business aircraft offers the widest in-class cabin with a high technology cabin management system for every passenger’s comfort. What’s even more convenient is that the Challenger 650 has the lowest operational costs and can accommodate up to 11 passengers.

Lining up to get on board the aircraft is also a thing of the past with private jet charters at convenient rates and an all-in-one cabin designed for rest, entertainment and work in one sitting.

Well-deserved Rest at it’s Best

A private charter with the Challenger 650 allows you to rest and sleep soundly at night with it’s wide reclining seats with soft cushions and an elegant design. The sound adjusted aircraft wing also enables a smooth ride throughout the entire flight.

Work Like In Your Office

Challenger 650 interior

Equipped with fold-out tables and a spacious aisle and legroom for each passenger one can accommodate in-flight meetings with ease. The seamless internet connectivity via Ka-band technology will also let you access your emails, do uninterrupted video conferences and make your own research.

Designed For Your Entertainment

Pause in between work and enjoy the comfort and class of HD monitors and wireless and bluetooth speakers that you can link to your smartphone device for playing music and streaming your favorite movies or watch your ideal sports team.

Updated Flight Info

Monitor your flight in real-time with cabin touchscreen technology on every seat giving you the latest status of the flight. You can also plug in your headset or other devices and switch to entertainment mode.

Cabin Controls Within Reach

Need a cabin temperature adjustment or a way to dim lights? Take control of your cabin features with just a switch of a button. You don’t have to stand and look for the controls because they’re already on your seat.

Discover the beauty of the suburbs in Van Nuys and unwind from the pressures of the city by booking a private jet charter via the Challenger 650 from Orlando Executive Airport. Book now at 1-888-507-8582!

Maximum range 4,000 nm
(Theoretical range with NBAA IFR Reserves, ISA, LRC, 6 pax /2 crew. Actual range will be affected by speed, weather, selected options and other factors.)


Passengers: Up to 12
Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 Advanced suite with four large displays
Dual Flight Management System with LPV and RNP approach capabilities
Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
MultiScan weather radar
Dual Inertial Reference System (IRS)
Top speed 0.85
High-speed cruise 0.82
Typical cruise speed 0.80
Takeoff distance
5,640 ft
Landing distance
(SL, ISA, typical)
2,402 ft
Maximum operating altitude 41,000 ft
Initial cruise altitude
37,000 ft
Thrust: 9,220 lbf (41kN)
Flat rated to ISA + 15°C
Cabin height 6 ft 0 in
Cabin width 7 ft 11 in
Cabin length (1) 25 ft 7 in
(1) From cockpit divider to aft most cabin without baggage compartment.
Length 68 ft 5 in
Wingspan 64 ft 4 in
Wing area 489 ft2
Height 20 ft 8 in
Maximum ramp weight 48,300 lb
Maximum takeoff weight 48,200 lb
Maximum landing weight 38,000 lb
Maximum zero-fuel weight 32,000 lb
Basic operating weight 27,150 lb
Maximum fuel weight 20,000 lb
Maximum payload 4,850 lb

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