Palm Beach Private Jet Flights

Palm Beach Private Jet Flights

Palm Beach County Park Airport, also known as Lantana airport, is an airport located in Lake Worth, Florida, about seven miles away from the Palm Beach central business district. The airport is categorized as a reliever airport to Palm Beach International Airport.

Jet Charter Palm Beach County Park Airport

Palm Beach County Park Airport is about a half an hour away from Fort Lauderdale and about an hour away from Miami, so it lies in a very convenient spot to some major Florida vacation destinations and population centers. This makes the airport easy to use for jet charters into or out of the area, helping you avoid the larger airports. This could make trips smoother and quicker.

Airport Facts

As of 2010, Palm Beach County Park Airport handled about 334 aircraft operations per day. The airport has three runways that form the shape of a triangle, each of which is a little over 3,000 feet long. The airport has no control tower and covers about 304 acres.

Palm Beach County Park Airport History

The land that the Palm Beach County Park Airport was built on was donated to the county in the 1940s by families that wished to see the land used for public good. The county decided to build an airport to meet the growing aviation needs in the area. Throughout World War II, the airport was mainly used for military operations.

In the 1950s, flight schools opened on the property and civilian use increased. The airport saw highs and lows in traffic and condition throughout the decades, with many renovations and improvements being introduced in the 1990s.The improvements attracted businesses and a level of prosperity to the airport.

Explore the Lake Worth Area

Lake Worth, Florida has gorgeous beaches, a growing art scene, historic buildings, and a freshly revitalized downtown area. The city was incorporated in 1913. There is a painting festival hosted by the city each year that attracts tourists to the area.

If you wish to experience a smaller South Florida city with flair or if you live in the area and need to take a trip to elsewhere, using Palm Beach County Park Airport could make your trip more enjoyable.

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Palm Beach County Park/Lantana Airport (KLNA)

  • 2633 Lantana Rd Ste 13.
  • Lake Worth, FL 33462
  • (561) 656-9815
  • Hours 8:00 am – 6:30 pm
Palm Beach Private Jet Flights

KLNA – Palm Beach County Park/Lantana Airport


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