When most people think of meals served on a private jet, the first thing that comes to mind is luxury. Champagne and fancy dinners prepared by world class chefs are less common on private jets than most people imagine, however. For the most part, meals are simple and healthful.  There are actually some challenges that private jet caterers face when catering to more complex requests.

Common Requests

Most private jet travelers are health conscious, so simple, whole foods are more commonly requested than pricy and exclusive dishes. Fruit, vegetables, salads, cheese platters, and sandwiches are among the most frequently requested items. Since most travelers are going into business situations, light meals and healthy beverages are generally preferred over hearty meals and alcoholic beverages.

Food Heating Challenges

Most private jets are only equipped with microwaves or reheating ovens, which may not be ideal for cooking or reheating some types of foods. When travelers request meals from certain restaurants, private jet operators and staff may have to procure specific packages for heating, as most restaurants do not pack foods in containers that are suitable for reheating. Private jet staff may also have to get creative to heat the food without drying it out or adversely affecting the flavor.

Difficulties in Obtaining Special Requests

Depending on where the aircraft will be departing from, it may sometimes be difficult to obtain special requests. Certain foods or brands may only be available in certain countries or parts of countries. Staff may also have difficulty picking up the food, keeping it cold, and transporting it to the FBO in time for departure. If food is switched from a cooler to a refrigerator and stored under refrigeration too far in advance, quality may deteriorate.

Getting What You Want

Regardless of the difficulties in accommodating catering requests, private jet agencies will go above and beyond to meet any special requests that you may have. To help the private jet catering team meet your requests, order what you would like to eat a few days in advance of your flight. If you desire food from a specific restaurant or a wish to eat a specific brand, make sure your requests will be possible for the private jet catering team to obtain. Supply any details that may help them make your food exactly the way you like it.

Our private jet catering team wants to make your in-flight meal amazing! If you will be flying with us, let us know exactly what you would like as soon as possible so that we can make it happen.

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