While New England gets a lot of hype at this time of year, Michigan has at least as much to offer in terms of scenery. Michigan is a relatively unsung foliage hero. If you are looking for an amazing place to watch autumn at its best, consider taking a jet charter to Michigan.

When Should You Jet Charter to Michigan?

The foliage peak is not always consistent, as it is determined by a combination of waning daylight and temperatures. Some of the color has started coming out in the leaves already, but the peak is not expected for several weeks. Since leaves can fall quickly if temperatures drop quickly, it is best to check up on weather patterns for the area you wish to visit before booking your private charter. There are even apps that will tell you when to visit certain areas based on the weather and foliage.

See the Foliage on a Leisurely Boat Tour

There are many different boat tours that take you through the waterways of Michigan. Some of the most popular take you through the Great Lakes, offering stunning views of the lakes with the foliage framing each scene. Boats tours offer an easy way to view the foliage, no walking or work required. Some are also less exposed to the elements, which can be welcome on some of the cold autumn days in Michigan.

See the Foliage While Kayaking or Hiking

If you prefer a little adventure and exertion in your tour, you may wish to book a kayak tour or hike some of the many trails. The Chippewa Nature Center in Midland is 1,200 acres and offers 15 miles of trails that you can hike, run, bike, or skate. There are many places throughout the state where you can rent a kayak and take a guided tour or explore on your own.

Experience Michigan like a Foodie

If your true intentions for going anywhere are to experience the food, Michigan has plenty for you. There are cider mills and freshly made donuts at many farms if you want a down-home fall experience. There are also some world-class coneys, paczkis, and one-of-a-kind pizza. If fine dining is more your style, try The Lark in Detroit or The Capital Grille in Troy. The Lark offers French cooking techniques and a quiet, gorgeous setting. The Capital Grille is renowned for its award-winning wines and tender steaks.

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