Embraer Lineage 1000 Interior

Recently, the Swiss design firm Yasava Solutions, revealed private jet interiors for the popular Gulfstream G650 large-cabin, ultra-long-range corporate jet. The aircraft, which has been on the wish list of celebrities, business executives, and many more for quite some time, already offers a stunning cabin. With wide seats and generous aisle spaces, the Gulfstream G650 gives a sense of spaciousness that other private jets lack.

However, Yasava Solutions plans on improving private jet interiors even further. Their design outfits the nearly 47-foot-long, 8.5 foot-wide cabin with Aiana Wave seats, a specially designed seat that focuses on human physiology, based on aeromedical sciences and sleep psychology. On top of that, the new design also includes a private lounge area with a double Aiana seat that converts from a sofa, into a full-size, full-flat bed.

The modular layout aims to maximize both flexibility and comfort, providing spaces that can be adapted for different needs during long flights. This is especially useful since the G650ER can fly nonstop 7,500 nautical miles, helping passengers make the most out of their long-haul journeys.

Amenities with the design also include a full-size shower, a galley equipped with induction cooking surfaces for a professional chef, and a flexible crew area that can be used for storage on shorter flights.

This private jet interiors can also be installed in the Dassault Falcon 7X and the Bombardier Global 6000.
However, this isn’t the only recent private jet design. HAECO Private Jet Solutions recently previewed a new interior for the Airbus A330-200 that has some major eastern flair.

The design features hand-painted silk wallpaper with bamboo and dragon motifs, as well as a lightweight lattice framework which helps divide the cabin into designated areas for either dining or lounging. The interior layout also promises in-flight luxury including a private bedroom, a full en-suite bath, a library – and most unique of all – a sushi bar.

It remains to be seen if these jumbo private jet interiors will ever take flight in a privately-owned Airbus, but it has certainly peaked a lot of interest in the industry.

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